Anjou 3-Pack Essential Oils

Best Gift for The Family

Anjou Essential Oil Gift set contains 3 of the most popular, ease to use essential oils for everyone to enjoy:
LAVENDER – Strong antibacterial and natural antioxidant, great for relieve pain, calm nerves, remove acne and heal the skin. 
PEPPERMINT – A natural pain reliever and insect repellent that can improve mental focus,
SWEET ORANGE – A familiar citrus flavor to ease anxiety, help produce collagen, and balance skin PH

Aromatic Infusion

These pure, unadulterated essential oils are your No.1 choices for aromatherapy. Add a few drops to a diffuser, oil burner or bath, and immerse in its aromatic goodness. They bring extra benefits and aromas to your DIY home cleaner, soap, bug repellent, deodorant, etc.

Blending with Others

From essential oil starters to aromatherapy specialist, anyone can benefit from this set. The three essential oils retain all the healing and aromatic properties when used with carrier oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and olive oil, making them great for massaging and maintaining the balance of body, mind, heart and spirit.

Pure, Natural, and Nothing Else

Anjou Essential oils are cultivated and produced from the best geological locations of each kind around the world. Only the finest fruit/plants are selected for distillation, which no chemicals, additive, or fillers are added to preserve its pureness and quality, so each Anjou Bottle contains only 100% of the best quality essential oil.

1.Lavender oil can be used undiluted on the skin (only use a small amount in a small area). Peppermint and Orange oil cannot be used without diluting first. 
2.Check for oil allergy by applying a tiny amount to the back of your hand or behind the ear.
3.Sweet Orange Oil is photosensitive, avoid direct sunlight within 4 – 8 hrs. after use. Recommended for night use.