Anjou Vitamin C 20% Serum

Vitamin C Made Different

Best Vitamin C Serum for face: Anjou Vitamin C Serum provides your skin with 20% pure anti-oxidant vitamins. Its age-aging formula effectively reduces dark spots, boosts collagen, and restores skin's vitality. 

Renew, Restore, and Revive

A concentrated recipe of hyaluronate acid, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and chondrus crispus that naturally improves, evens out, and brightens complexion. 

Fresher is Better

The hermetically sealed glass bottle protects the serum from oxidation and preserves its freshness. The included dropper keeps the content germ-free and easier to apply. 

Naturally Safe

In an effort to always improve and achieve a better formula, one element stays the same - your health comes first. No parabens. No preservatives. Not tested on animals. Anjou Vitamin C Serum is realized in a whole natural way. 

You Know Where It Comes From

Every step of the production process, from developing to bottling, takes place in our facilities in the U.S.A. CGMP, PCPC, and ICMAD certified, this serum is tested and approved by the specialists for delivering the best results.