Anjou 16 OZ Coconut Oil


Bigger and Better

By popular demands, Anjou now offers the best coconut oil in a larger container. Same 100% organic, pure, and natural coconut oil, but with greater value and benefits. Every purchase will also receive a FREE “101 uses of coconut oil booklet to inspire you to more creative uses. 

Beauty Inside and Out

Anjou Coconut Oil only uses the best coconuts from the coastal areas of Sri Lanka. They are grown from traditional, non-crossbred trees, handpicked at its prime, and cold-pressed with absolutely no additives. Rich with saturated fatty acid and MCT, this 100% organic coconut oil is the select recipe for dietary supplementation, cooking, beauty, and skin care. 

Organic Care

Extra virgin, free of bleach, hexane, and trans-fats, and contains medium-chain fatty acid that is essential in boosting metabolism, cleansing, and soothing your skin and hair. Use it on a regular basis to gain healthy-looking skin, add luster to hair, feel and look younger. 

Flavor & Nutrition

Well preserved and bursting with a fresh coconut scent, Anjou Coconut Oil is a popular, healthy, and exotic nutrient for your dinner table and alternative to other cooking oils. Use it to sauté, stir-fry, bake, or just coat it on a slice of bread for an authentic tropical touch and some good fat- cooking was never so easy. 

Better Skin 

Drop Anjou Coconut Oil in your shampooed hair or moisturizer to get the most organic nourishing or use it to remove makeup to give your face the most delicate care as you do to your stomach. Also, combine it with essential oil or carrier oil to spice up aromatherapy and massage experiences.