Anjou Coconut Oil 500 ml

USDA Organic Coconut Oil: Get the most out of your uses of coconut oil with this 100% organic and natural jar full of coco goodness

Healthier Cooking & Baking: Reduce calories effectively by substituting your fats with coconut oil and add a little breeze of Tropical Island to your recipes

Thorough Nourishment for Hair & Body: Seal split ends, quench your hair’s thirst, appease cracked elbows and knees, and deeply hydrate your skin for a rich overnight treatment

Endless Purposes: Use the coconut oil to remove stubborn makeup, whiten your teeth with oil pulling, as a relaxing massage oil, and soothe itches or an eczema

Only the Best Cocos: Sri Lanka provides the ideal conditions with its tropical weather and ocean deposit to nurture the most perfect coconuts