Anjou Bentonite Clay Mask

100% Pure and Natural 

Anjou Bentonite Clay Mask exfoliates, tones, and power cleans your skin with 100% of the best bentonite from the mountainous Wyoming region. With no chemical additives or other artificial ingredients added, your skin will experience a 100% natural, revitalizing treatment. 

Easy to Use

Simply add water and mix into a thick paste before applying evenly to your face. Because bentonite clay is mild and non-sensitive, you can add milk, essential oil, and other natural ingredients to make a unique facial mask with an abundance of healthy benefit and refreshing aroma. 

Powerful Oil Remover

Bentonite clay keeps your oily skin under control thanks to its excellent oil absorbing properties. This powerful oil remover gets rid of the excessive oil and mattifies your skin, leaves you with a smooth, natural, and shine-free skin. 

Shrinking Your Pores

Oily skin often has more visible pores. The best way to keep your pores minimal is to give them a powerful cleanse with Anjou bentonite clay mask. Bentonite will attract and absorb dirt, dead skin cells, and other toxins, and wash them away with the clay to minimize your pore appearance and reveal the newer, younger skin underneath.