Focus On: Argan Oil, Cellulite Cream, and Beard Grooming Gift Set

Today we look at three great products from Anjou: Anjou Argan Oil, Anjou Cellulite Cream, and Anjou Beard Grooming Set. They are great for gifting to your friends and family members or keeping to improve your daily life. This is the third part of our Focus On series, which gives you a unique and insightful view of what Anjou does best and what you can expect from these Anjou products.


Anjou Argan Oil


On sale for only $11.99 starting October 10.

Argan oil is called “liquid gold” for its wonderful smell and many amazing benefits. Anjou Argan oil is made from the finest Moroccan Argan trees. It is packed full of vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Just a few drops of Argan oil can quickly penetrate your skin and hair, hydrating and transform its looks. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturizer.


If you are new to Argan oil, you may hesitate to believe many of the above benefits are real. Anjou customers shared the same worry until they started using it, and the results exceeded their expectations. Here is one of their comments:


“I have had so many skin problems that I am reluctant to try anything new, but I was thrilled with the results of using Argon Oil on my face under my moisturizer.”


Anjou’s Argan oil can be your best makeup secret:


“This has helped transform my skin, my face and even my hair.


Anjou is a company that really stands behind their products and makes it clear by having constant communication with you.”



Anjou Cellulite Cream


On sale for only $17.59 starting October 10.

Frankly speaking, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to cellulite. Alongside healthy diet and regular exercises, Anjou Cellulite Cream can get you the smooth supermodel skin faster. Anjou’s exclusive 2-in-1 formula mixes L-Carnitine (a safe and effective weight loss compound) with multiple natural slimming ingredients to reduce cellulite efficiently. It contains over 15 essential oils which not only help your body absorbing the nutrients, but also give you many extra benefits: better body circulation, improved metabolism, pain relief, and much more.



Don’t take our words for it. See what our customers are saying about Anjou Cellulite cream:


“In this jar is full of surprises, it is not just a cellulite reducer, it also helps with sore muscles, and improve skin conditions.”


Even our customers are surprised at how effective and beneficial the cream is:


“Honestly this stuff is great. I use it mostly on my legs and tummy. I was surprised of all the wonderful ingredients it has in this cream…”




Anjou Beard Grooming Gift Set


On sale for only $23.99 starting October 10.

Whether you choose to clean shave or grown beard, well-groomed is the key to attractiveness. Anjou’s Beard Grooming Set contains a beard oil, beard balm, and boar bristles beard brush to help to care and to groom your beard daily, and provide them with all the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy. It is a perfect gift to help your husband, boyfriend, or your son to achieve a healthy and good looking beard that you’ll enjoy as much as he does.


One of our customers brought the set and delighted her husband, while others immediately noticed the difference in quality when compared with other products. 

“… My husband was absolutely delighted when I gave him the set!”


“… I myself prefer all natural products for my beard and skin, so I always look for this when shopping for grooming products.”


As a gift set, we want the packaging to be as impressive as the quality of the product inside.

“When I received this gift set, I was immediately impressed at the external packaging. It is stylish, simple, and contains some great products!”



Anjou’s products stand out from their competitors, not just for their benefits but a few other and important reasons.




In a world oversaturated with cheap goods or items of questionable quality, Anjou stands out for providing exceptional high-quality products. Our argan oil is 100% pure; unadulterated oil made using only Moroccan argan nuts. Our cellulite cream is 87% organic and free of paraben preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Our beard balm and oil are also 100% natural and pure. These are the qualities that all customers will love and a testament to our desire to produce premium quality goods.




Anjou is committed to empowering users to live a more natural lifestyle and part of that commitment is by making their products as accessible as possible. By competitively pricing our products, we stand out by offering an accessible and cheaper alternative than the rest of the competition.


Our Focus On gave a quick look into three of Anjou’s latest products – Argan Oil, Cellulite Cream, and Beard Grooming Set. As part this spotlight, we’re offering discounts on all three products. This is a limited offer that we’re doing now starting from October 10th. For natural beauty, better health, and all around improved well-being, choose Anjou.



Established in 2016, Anjou’s exclusive collection of skincare products and essential oils are all made using preservative-free ingredients from around the world in order to empower users to live more naturally and confidently with 100% natural ingredients.

Pure and Organic: Anjou works closely with specialists around the world to find the perfect location and environment, making sure Anjou products are made from the best stuff on Earth.

Safe and Secure: All Anjou products first undergo a rigorous internal selection process before being sent to the FDA/USDA for official approval. Before shipping, we run a final QC check to make sure everything is in order.

Customer Focused: Every aspect of Anjou and every decision we make, from our product pricing to packaging to after-sales support, is done to keep you, our customer, satisfied.

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