Beginner's Guide to Growing and Maintaining a Beard

First things first. Growing and boasting a beard is not something anybody can afford. Meaning, if there’s no hairs, there won’t be any beard either. Beard does not always grow evenly and, sad yet true, there’s the chance it won’t grow in a couple spots on your face and that’ll limit your choices when it comes to what kind of beard you want to grow. The more the hairs and the more evenly they’re distributed, the more the options you can go with.

Let’s assume you have what it takes to grow a beard, why would you get one in the first place? Numerous are the reasons: sporting a manlier look, resembling to Brad Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet, standing out amongst your friends who can’t grow one yet, making that intellectual face by curling your whiskers up with your finger while thinking, etc.

If any of these reasons or others made up your mind and you want to go with a bearded look, do you know how to? Where to start and how to keep going?


We’ll go through the essential steps to follow for growing and maintaining a beard. Respectively: the decision, the right tools, the new 3-weeks-of-growth decision, the whole around trimming, and what’ll help you the most in not getting tired of your beard, the routine.


The Decision

You want it. You don’t want it. It all comes down to that. Your facial hairs will grow anyways and trust me it’ll be way easier to just shave them off than trimming them into an actual beard. That is to say, if you’re motivated, move on to step 2. If not, you know where the razor is at.


The Right Tools
The more it grows, the more it itches. That’s what a first-time beard feels like. Get some help and make sure you have all the essentials to minimize the itching and soften those hairs of yours (you don’t want your girlfriend to cry out every time you cheek each other, do you?). Get a beard balm with soothing oils such as Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, beeswax, etc. and benefit from their soothing and softening natural properties.


The new 3-weeks-of-growth decision

Basically, just go back to step 1. Do you still want it or have you changed your mind? As your beard grows and gets to the point you can’t ignore it anymore, many will tell you “you look older like that”, ”it doesn’t look good on you”, and several other who-am-I-doing-this-for remarks. Yet, it is your beard and your look we’re talking about. That is to say, if you still want it, you keep it. If not, the razor is still there waiting.


The whole around trimming

Have you ever had a Bonsai or any plant to speak of for that matter? If the answer is yes, you know that there’s way more to growing (whether it is a plant or a beard) than just sit there and wait. As the hairs grow longer and longer, they’ll likely get more and more fragile, especially the tips, and high is the chance they’ll break, fade out, dry up, and give you an overall shabby look. What can you do to avoid that? Trim. Trim. And trim again. Shorten your beard on a regular basis. Keep what’s good but slowly cut off the damaged hairs in length. To prevent hair breaking and damaging, do not hesitate to apply a beard oil. Its vitamins will prevent cellular damage and boost hair growth. It’ll be of great help to weigh down your new beard too for a tidier look.


The Routine (A.K.A. you made it)

You wanted it. You got it (congrats!). Now, keep it as due. Don’t let your beard overcome your face and your life and make sure you know how to tame it and keep it looking good all the time. Get your beard care to fall into your daily routine, just like showering, brushing your teeth, etc. Find the time to do the trimming when needed and use beard balms and beard oils on a daily basis. They’ll provide your beard, as well as the skin underneath, with all the nutrients they need to keep and feel good.


As you might have understood by now, growing a proper beard is no easy matter. Shaving is way easier in comparison. Yet, if you’re determined and you’d like to sport a manlier look or simply see what your face would like with a beard on, then give it a try. Follow all the steps, get it done in the right way, embrace beard and skin care in your daily routine, and get to boast a look that screams MAN all over (should it not work out, you didn’t forget where the razor is at, did you?).



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