How to Make Your Own Mascara with Coconut Oil

How to Make Your Own Mascara with Coconut Oil.jpg

Putting on mascara is like having a little mini facelift, sans the surgery. It gives your eyes definition and makes them ‘pop’. With the broad range of mascaras available, we are often stuck with the question: which one is the best? It turns out the answer could lie in your own hands.

Like other cosmetics product, mascara can contain a range of ingredients and not everything the beauty industry uses can enhance your beauty. Some ingredients found in your regular mascara have been found to cause cancer in mice, and others are known to be highly toxic to the human body.

So you can put your faith in the industry, or you can create your own Mascara. Sounds impossible? Until you start searching for homemade mascara recipe, you will never know how easy it is.

To make your DIY mascara, you need the following ingredients:

·         1 tsp of coconut oil (like Anjou 100% pure coconut oil)

·         1 tsp of lavender oil (for the fragrance and growth)

·         1 tsp grated bee wax

·         1 tsp of shea butter

·         1 – 2 capsules of activated charcoal (if you want black color) or cocoa powder (if you want brown color)

You also need an empty mascara container and a saucepan for heating everything.

All the ingredients from the above list can be obtained in 100% natural form. By seeing the ingredients in its original form before turning them into mascara, you can be confident that your homemade mascara contains no harmful chemical like regular ones.  


Once you have collected all the ingredients,

1.       Put the saucepan on low heat and melt the coconut oil, the lavender oil, the bee wax and the shea butter.

2.       Once the heat melts everything, add either the activated charcoal or cocoa powder (depending on which color you would like).

3.       Stir until they are thoroughly mixed and then remove from heat. Wait until the mixture cools to room temperature.

4.       Pour into a small plastic bag, Cut small corner off the plastic bag and use it as a cake decorator to pipe it into the empty mascara container.

Now you have your homemade mascara that is as good as your regular mascara but minors all the negative chemicals.

Just remember that homemade mascara follows the same cautions as every other mascara:

·         Dispose of the tube and the brush after 3 -4 months, even when it looks FINE. If you smell anything strange, then it is time to let go because all mascara has the capability to grow bacteria.

·         To increase the effectiveness, you can apply on top of your lashes too, which gives you 360 degrees color and maximum lash definition.

Like every other homemade product, to find the best formula for you, you need to keep trying. For example, you can switch the shea butter with aloe vera gel (about 3 – 4 tsp).  There many recipe ideas available on the internet, so make sure you go through a few of them to get a good idea of the range of ingredients that are suitable for your mascara.



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