How to Choose the Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser for You

How to Choose the Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser for You


Feeling tired? Anxious? Do you get stressed at work and the tension won’t release even when you get back home? If so, have you ever thought of getting yourself an essential oil diffuser to soothe your mood and help you calm down?

An oil diffuser brings you all the benefits of the aromatherapy with a few extra perks. Imagine a device that not only infuses your home with the fragrance that best suits your mood, but also helps you release tension, feel at peace, and get a good night sleep.

There’s plenty of essential oil infusers out there. You just need to choose the one that best matches your needs. Yet, from a variety of different designs, materials, and functions, how to know which one is the right one? How to know what to look for when buying “the perfect oil diffuser”?

We will go through a few selling points that you’d better look out for to get the best deal for your needs. Respectively: design, usability, functions, and essential oils availability.


Essential oil diffusers come in all colors and shapes. Squared, round, drop-shaped, oblong, flat, you name it. As for the clothes you wear, the car you want to buy, etc. it is a matter of taste and it comes down to what you like best.

Yet, there is something more to it. You don’t wear the latest Nike joggings for your best friend’s wedding, do you? And you won’t buy a Ferrari if you will be rolling on unpaved roads most of the time, right? The same applies to essential oil diffusers. Think about where you’ll be placing it most of the time. Will you use it at work and you need something more on the sober side? Or will it have to match the ethnic I-have-been-travelling-all-over look of your living room? Chances are you will eventually move it anyway according to where you go to and where you need it most. In that case, consider a design, color, and materials that fit nicely no matter where you put it. A more neutral, minimalistic design with sober colors might be the right choice whether it is the work place you want to infuse with vaporized air or simply your living room.


Has ever occurred to you why the iPhone is overall the most sold smartphone all over the world? It is not just a matter of branding or advanced technology. It is the software that makes the difference. Especially, its ease of use for whoever is approaching the universe of smartphones and portable devices for the first time.

At the end of the day, the easier to use something is, to more chances you will enjoy using it.

When it comes to essential oil diffusers, too, make sure you understand how to use it and that it is as practical as it gets. Ask yourself the following questions: is it easy to open up and clean? Does it have a separate compartment to add water and, if so, if this easily accessible? Does it come with any kind of wheels to move it or will I have to lift it up all the time? Is it any stable or will it likely slip off the table and brake?

These are just some examples but in general ask yourself how you intend to use it and how its features will live up, or not, to the task.


Different mist modes. Cool and warm mists. Night mode. Advanced security features. LED light. These are just some of the built-in features most essential oil diffusers come with. Yet, they do make a difference. It is like a Swiss-army knife. You might not need all of the blades at the same time, but is it not better to know that you do have them all for when needed? Bottom line, the more the functions and features, the more chances it’ll live up to your expectations. The possibility to adjust the mist flow to your liking, to set a night mode at will, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the color therapy thanks to the pulsing LED light, they all will make a difference and have a certain oil diffuser win you over while others will not.

Essential Oils Availability

Last but not least, do not forget to check the essential oils themselves. First off, see if the diffuser’s brand produces any essential oils as well. Some brands do recommend to use their own essential oils for best results. Furthermore, the diffuser may come in a set with some essential oils already and that is some extra saving you want to think of.

Once again, as a user, whether it is clothes, cars, mobile devices, and even essential oil diffusers, you get to choose. After all, nobody better than you knows what you want and how you will be using it.

Take into account design, usability, the functions the humidifier comes with, and what essential oils you will use it with, and get what best suits your needs (then turn it on, sit back, and just enjoy your purchase).


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