What is Beard Oil and How Does it Work?

Spray the shaving foam on your hand. Pshhhhhh. Keep the warm water running (or just fill up the sink with it). Get the razor ready. Shave that 2-3-day beard off. Apply an aftershave or any other soothing lotion. Done. That’s all it take to shave. And it gets even easier if you use an electric shaver.

Did you know that fully growing a beard takes as many steps and even more? Did you know that although there might not be any foam or aftershave, there’s still a multitude of products you can use to get a beard that not only looks good but feels good?  


We’ll focus on one of the essentials for anybody who set his mind on growing a beard and, in general, for whoever seeks the magic formula behind healthy and good looking facial hairs (just like Brad Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet). It is Beard Oil we’re talking about. We’ll go through a few steps behind the decision of using beard oil. Respectively: The Why, The When, The Watch Out For, and The Why Again.


The Why

Why would you want to use beard oil? That’s simple: whether you just started off growing a beard or your beard’s already fully grown and you grew used to it, chances are both your skin and your whiskers would benefit from a little help. For instance, does your beard itch and do you find yourself scratching at it more often than not? Will the skin underneath eventually start flaking off and leaving beardruff all over? If that’s the case, that’s because the beard acts like a sponge and deprives the skin underneath of all the natural oils this would need. The skin gets dryer and dryer (that’s where the itching comes from) and starts flaking off into beardruff. What’s the outcome of this? The beard itself will eventually run out of oils to absorb, get dryer and dryer, and the itching will worsen.

Simply put: unhealthy skin, unhealthy beard. Here’s what you get for not taking care of your facial hairs. A beard oil would provide you with all the benefits of several natural oils, such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil, as well as multiple vitamins to make sure your skin won’t dry up and affect the overall look of your beard. 


The When
The best time to apply any beard oil is right after washing your face. This way your hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil. After dry mopping your beard and skin (remember that water and oil would not mix), rub a few drops into your hand and comb your beard with it. The beard oil will weigh your beard down, too, and that’ll help you tame your whiskers and give them a more refined look.

The Watch Out For

As always, the more natural, the better. Read the label and make sure you get a product that’s as natural as possible. A good beard oil should contain a variety of natural oils, beeswax to tame even the most rebellious hairs, and multiple vitamins to boost hair growth and strengthen your hairs.


The Why Again.

This part is all about the results. You’ll feel the skin itch less and less, the beardruff will progressively stop popping up amongst your hairs, and your beard will look and feel simply better. What’s next? Make it last. Make sure you turn the beard oil application into a routine and keep up the results.


What did you get out of all this? Hopefully that there is more to growing a beard than just not shaving at all, and that products like beard oil can make a huge difference on the way your facial hairs will feel and look. Do yourself a favor and add beard oil to your daily routine for a beard easier to grow and to live with.



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