What are Carrier Oils?

Can you guess what grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, V-6, jojoba oil, olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Shea butter have all in common? Yes, you could easily say they’re all oils (duh!) and you wouldn’t be wrong. Actually, they’re all carrier oils derived from the fatty portion of a plant, the seeds, kernels or the nuts. As for what carrier oils exactly are and what they’re used for, that’s what we’ll be going through in this blog trying to make it as clear as possible.


Let’s start from the name. Carrier oils. So, basically oils that carry something. But what exactly? Carrier oils are used to carry essential oils, concentrated aromatics, and other absolute substances onto the skin. In short, carrier oils are used to dilute those substances whose direct application on the skin would be harmful and need a vessel to be applied safely. Essential oils fall into this category and their natural composition would irritate the skin if directly applied. Hence, the use of carrier oils to vessel them into a milder composition that can be applied without any risky side effect.


Pretty simple, uh? Well, not really. Although that is actually what carrier oils are and what they’re for, the matter gets a little more complicated when it comes to every individual carrier oil and how it differs from all the others for natural properties, application, benefits, etc.

We’ll take a look at the most common carrier oils and see how they differ and how they can work together for better results.


Grape Seed Oil

Ideal for massage treatments thanks to its light consistency and moisturizing properties. A natural source of linoleic acid.


Jojoba Oil

Thanks to its composition that’s similar to the skin’s natural oils, it features a faster absorption and it’s ideal to moisturize skin as well as hair.


Sweet Almond Oil

A nut-scented oils that absorbs easily and leaves a delicate aroma on the skin. Rich in vitamin E and oleic acid. Not recommended to those with nut allergies.


Olive Oil

The one carrier oil you must have heard of. Popular and easy-to-find, it is widely spread in skin treatments and culinary applications. High in omega fatty acid.


Coconut Oil

Unlike its fractionated version, it is solid at room temperature and leaves an oily feeling layer on top of the skin.


Fractionated Coconut Oil

Liquid at room temperature, it absorbs easily without leaving any greasy layer on the skin. High in essential fatty acids.



A proprietary formula combining coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil. High in vitamin E, it acts as a natural preservative while deeply nourishing the skin.


Shea Butter

Nutty aroma and solid consistency. Ideal for moisturizing skin and hair, it leaves behind a waxy protective layer.


Cocoa Butter

Best used when melted and blended with other carrier oils. Chocolate-like aroma.


These are only some of carrier oils commonly used to dilute essential oils and other absolutes, yet that gives you an idea of what their main functions are and what you can expect from a certain product when you find them listed on the label.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what carrier oils essentially are, of the benefits they can provide you with, and you won’t think of some kind of doubtful cuisine-related mean of transportation next time you hear of them.


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