Repel Insects and Fight Depression with this Super Essential Oil

Do you know what depression and insects have in common? No, that’s not a joke so it’s not a “insects bug you so you get depressed” kind of thing. Let’s put it this way: different issues can share the same solution. That’s the case for depression and summer bugs, too. What can this solution be, you wonder? That’s easy: it is citronella essential oil we’re talking about. It won’t grow your hair back once you’ve lost it all, it won’t make you grow taller, or you a Baywatch-like tan in full winter with your clothes on. It won’t make miracles. But when it comes to emotional depression and insects flying around you day and night, it does the trick and it does it well.


We’ll go through a few steps to see what citronella is and where this miraculous essential oil comes from, how its natural properties help you fight depression, and how such a pleasant scent can rid you of mosquitoes and such. Respectively: Citro…what?, How It Makes You Smile, and How It Makes Them Fly (Away).



Citronella. Despite a name that makes you think of a delicious Italian dish, citronella is actually is a type of grass that grows in some Asian regions and some South Pacific islands. Given its fresh lemony scent, it bears the name Citronella (originally from French, citron that means lemon). According to the variety of citronella grass the essential oil is extracted from, its properties will slightly change and be more or less effective, hence it’ll be considered of a higher (Java) or lower (Ceylon) quality.

It Makes You Smile

How does this lemony aroma help you get out of a depressive state exactly? Widely used in aromatherapy, the citronella essential oil can be used on its own and through a diffuser, and it is known for relieving from anxiety and providing an overall light feeling. Thanks to its crispy and fresh scent, it is sad to induce an overall feeling of happiness and hope.


How It Makes Them Fly (Away)

Citronella oil is known amongst all those that suffer in summer because of mosquito bites. It keeps away (although it won’t kill them) mosquitoes, especially the Aedes Aegypti species, known for spreading the Yellow Fever. Pure citronella essential oil should never be applied directly onto your skin and should be mixed with a carrier oil before application. I suggest you refer to our blog What are Carrier Oils in this regard.


So, can something that smells good make you feel good too? Yes, and that’s exactly the case with the citronella essential oil. Whether it is the ever-growing work stress and tension or the summer mosquitoes you want to flee, give the citronella essential oil a try and enjoy a pleasant scent with great benefits for both your mind and skin.



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