Coconut Oil for Dogs

We all know about the many beneficial health effects that coconut oil has on humans, such as increased energy, fat loss, better skin and hair, and even improved digestion. But do they also work for our canine friends? Can coconut oil help Corgi McCorgins muster up enough energy to climb over that flight of stairs? Or can it help Toto regain her once soft and fluffy look? Let’s find out!


Increased Energy and Fat Loss

Does it work for dogs? Yes!

Like humans, dogs will also gain an increase in energy from consuming coconut oil, which is an excellent source of nutrition. However, this (sometimes unneeded) boost depends on the dog’s size and amount consumed. We recommend starting slow and with a small amount (such as a quarter teaspoon each day for small dogs/puppies, and 1 teaspoon for larger dogs).  

Remember to keep an eye on your dogs and if there’s any discomfort (or they have diarrhea), temporarily cut back on the amount or frequency given. Then, gradually increase the amount every few days, or break the amount of coconut oil given into smaller pieces and split throughout the day.


Better Hair and Skin

Does it work for dogs? Yes!

Toto can indeed regain her once beautiful and soft look! In addition to improving your dog’s skin and coat condition, coconut oil is also good for disinfecting cuts, clearing rashes, and in general making your dog’s skin healthier. But best of all – coconut oil acts as a natural tick and flea repellent! We recommend a coconut oil skin treatment every week for best effect.

However, dogs love licking and eating everything around them, and coconut oil applied to their skin is no exception. While that’s completely fine and beneficial, try wrapping a tower around the area that coconut oil is being applied to, which will let it soak in before they get a chance to lick it.


Improved Digestion

Does it work for dogs? Yes!

As it turns out, coconut oil can help with your pets’ digestion problems! It won’t be hard to get them to take a bite of coconut oil’s fresh and delicious scent, so simply mix with food or water.

But again, make sure it doesn’t become excessive. If diarrhea or discomfort occurs, be sure to cut back on the amount, or separate the amount into small pieces split throughout the day. As with all things, too much of a good thing can be bad!


Which Coconut Oil to Use?

As with most things you give your pet, finding a pure, organic, and non-GMO (non-genetically-modified) coconut oil is ideal. Extra virgin (also known as unrefined oil) is also another positive factor to consider, as is being cold-pressed. It just so happens our Anjou Coconut Oil fulfills all these requirements, but there are honestly quite a few good choices out there. Try one out for yourself and if you like it, give your dog a try as well!



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