How to Use Vitamin C to Reduce Summer Spots

Has your Mom ever told you to drink up your orange juice when you were a kid? I bet she has. And I bet your doctor has prescribed you a Vitamin C supplement to fight a winter cold at least once in your life. It is no news that Vitamin-C is beneficial to our overall health and that, especially in situations where stress and cold weather lower our immune system, increasing the Vitamin C intake in our diet can tip the scales on whether we’ll fall sick or not. The benefits of Vitamin C are numerous and we’ll just keep it simple by saying that it helps preventing vascular diseases by combating free radicals, it delays or prevents cataracts, and supports health immune functions. Yet, what would you say if I told you that Vitamin C has progressively become of the most common summer essentials to enjoy a day at the beach all the while protecting your skin? Yes, Vitamin C is not only a must against the common winter cold, but it is one of the best solutions to preserve your skin’s health and young look, suntan after suntan. 


How does Vitamin C protect your skin during the summer season? Well, let’s get things straight: it does NOT literally protect your skin. Meaning, Vitamin C is no sunblock. Spray your snow-white skin with a Vitamin C serum, lay on the beach listening to your iPod for half a day, and…good luck sleeping at night. Your skin color will most likely resemble to Elmo’s of Sesame Street (and no, that’s not a fashion…yet).


What Vitamin C does, actually, is a more after-the-beach-back-home type of work. Applications of a Vitamin C serum are of great help reducing summer spots. Wait, what are summer spots again? Let’s go a step back.

Summer spots, also called sunspots, are the dark spots popping up all over your skin after long sun exposure. The skin in this area will develop a rough texture, lose its elasticity, and visibly darken. What’s worse is that the sunspots will just increase in number and darken even more with any further UV ray that lays on your skin.

People often exposed to the sun and developing sunspots have actually a higher risk of developing cancer (a particular type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma).  


So, it is safe to say that sunspots are neither good to look at nor a sign of a healthy skin. Simply put, better avoid them and quickly get rid of them once they occur.


Getting back to Vitamin C, a daily application of a Vitamin C concentrated serum onto the affected area will help lighten the skin itself and minimize the visibility of the sunspots. Vitamin C tunes down the pigment production and helps fade and prevent brown spots.


Again, it won’t replace your 50+ sunblock (picture Elmo’s disappointed face in your mind every time you think of heading to the beach with no screen lotion whatsoever). Yet, it is still a good practice to apply the Vitamin C serum on the areas most exposed to the sun and, afterwards, to apply the sunblock.


On top of its skin lightening properties, the Vitamin C serum will fight free radicals, provide antioxidants, and improve the overall elasticity of the skin. The result will be a skin that looks healthier and younger. For longer.


Whether you’re a fan of Sesame Street or not, a lobster-like skin suits nobody and nor do summer spots all over an otherwise immaculate skin. Embrace a healthier life style, make Vitamin C your all-year-round companion, and, in a few years, thank yourself for having used your head…and the combo of Vitamin C serum and sunscreen for a younger and healthier skin!



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