Essential Oils You Need When Traveling

With over 32 million American citizens travelling each year, travel is rapidly becoming a more and more popular interest. Whether you’re planning a solo journey around the world, or are road-tripping with family, looking after your health and feeling comfortable on a holiday is the difference between a week in paradise or a no-fly nightmare. Bringing essential oils along for the ride will make your time away easier, while also providing a sense of wellbeing and balance to a busy trip. Below are the essential oils that should be the first thing you pack.

Venturing out on the road can mean several days driving down empty highways, sleeping in cheap motels, and eating at even cheaper places. A long drive, on top of a light sleep, can lead to drowsiness – a big no-no. Use peppermint essential oil to get a much needed afternoon wake up boost. Peppermint oil also assists in making the transition from low to high altitudes easier by bringing up to 25% more oxygen to the brain – perfect for those with the spirit of adventure.

Travel, for all its benefits, can also come with stress. Thankfully there is nothing better to calm the nerves if things go wrong than with a good dose of lavender essential oil. The properties of lavender oil instantly help to calm the mind and sooth the senses. If sleep is hard to get, a few whiffs of lavender oil is all that’s needed to help you drift off. Simply add a little to a pillow or around your nose before bed. If you’re after therapeutic grade lavender or peppermint oil, Anjou has a travel-friendly Essential Oil Gift Set that includes both. (Find it here).

 If you’re caught in a whirlwind of historical landmarks and long queues, you need to stay hydrated. Using citrus essential oils such as lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit, plus a dash of salt and a lot of water, you can make a thirst quenching, hydrating drink with antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Drink it to hydrate the body so you can stay on top during your travels. Best of all, this do-it-yourself tonic helps to mitigate the effects of jet lag. Citrus oils are also a must if you’re staying somewhere that needs freshening up – simply drape a wet washcloth over an air vent unit and add a few drops to keep things smelling breezy.

Airports, airplanes, train stations, and trains are all areas crawling with thousands of people each day. As with places teeming with people, the spread of germs is more likely to occur – especially since there are a lot of contact surfaces like ticket gates, call buttons, arm rests, and everything else you’re likely to encounter. The best way to stop the spread of germs is with thieves essential oil – a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus & rosemary to help prevent germs and boost the immune system. Use it as a hand sanitizer, to diffuse rooms, and to avoid getting sick so you can enjoy your holiday.

You can do a lot of things to help make the holiday experience better – from eating healthy to getting rest and exercise (or rather taking scenic walks) – but bringing essential oils with you will make the ultimate difference. Small in size so they can be packed without taking much space, essential oils will protect your health and make the rest of your time away memorable. Pack them first and get travelling. 


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