Why Jojoba Oil Makes for a Great Carrier Oil

There are many good choices when it comes to choosing a carrier oil, but there’s one especially great option that’s even often used in other carrier oils: Jojoba Oil. Come find out why Jojoba Oil makes for such a great carrier oil!


What Is a Carrier Oil and Why Is It Needed

Essential oils are extremely concentrated, so applying too much directly on the skin may cause issues, such as developing allergic reactions or rashes. Even a small amount may be too much for those with sensitive skin, which is why carrier oils exist and are often used together with essential oil, especially during Aromatherapy. Aside from dilution, carrier oil also helps with absorbing essential oil and minimizing its evaporation from your skin.

Carrier oils are simply a vegetable oil that does not evaporate and are extracted from fatty parts of plants, making them natural and safe for the skin. However, always use caution when trying ingredients that are unknown to you. Clearly read the labels of the products you use on your skin, as allergic reactions may develop. If you are allergic to nuts or certain plants, we recommend you ask a doctor before coming into contact with Jojoba Oil – or any other carrier oil.


Why Jojoba Oil is a Great Carrier Oil: No Smell

While Jojoba Oil itself has a scent, it’s almost imperceptible and quickly takes on the smell of the environment. That means no matter if you use it as a massage oil, with your favorite essential oil, or even with perfume, you’ll end up smelling completely natural and like you’re supposed to.


Why Jojoba Oil is a Great Carrier Oil: Longer Shelf Life

Unlike other carrier oils, Jojoba Oil does not oxidize or turn rancid. That means it also has an incredibly long shell life and is even often added to other carrier oils to prolong their shelf life.


Why Jojoba Oil is a Great Carrier Oil: Better for the Skin

Jojoba Oil mixes naturally with our skin, which makes it suitable for both very dry and very oily skin. It’s great for moisturizing the skin, but is quickly absorbed and doesn’t stay on top or leave any greasy/oily residue. Additionally, Jojoba Oil is colorless!


Why Jojoba Oil is a Great Carrier Oil: Non-allergenic

Although we mentioned how carrier oils may cause allergic reactions, Jojoba Oil is non-comedogenic and non-allergenic, which means it won’t clog pores or cause allergic reactions. That’s because it’s a liquid ester similar to the esters we produce in our own skin. Jojoba Oil is also not an irritant, so it can be carefully (but safely) used around the eyes and other sensitive areas.


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