Straighten Your Hair With Shea Butter

How good is it to straighten your hair every other day? The answer won’t come as a surprise: not that good actually. No matter whether you’re using a ceramic professional straightener or a static brush that’s relatively easy on the hair, neither will do your hair any good apart from making it straight (at least until the next day). What the heat does, basically, is to weaken and alter the hydrogen bonds that keep the shape of the hair together. Although this gives you a break from your hard brittle hair and allows you to try out hairstyles you wouldn’t be able to sport otherwise, your hair gets deeply damaged in the process. The heat generates cracks in the protective cuticle layer of hair. The hair is left unprotected, vulnerable and it’s easy for external agents such as UV and the heat itself to penetrate and damage the cortex. Bottom line, as long as high temperatures are involved, straightening your hair is actually pretty harmful to your locks.


Yet, look does matter too doesn’t it? There are times you’ll just be fed up with your dry brittle hair that’s simply impossible to comb and you’ll want to sport a more fashionable hairstyle for a night out with your friends. If that’s the case, isn’t there anything else you can do to get smoother and easier-to-comb hair while preserving its natural composition and healthy look? Actually, there’s still plenty you can do. Since it’s the heat that harms your hair, it’s important to keep it from getting to your hair. Easier said than done, you say? It’s pretty easy if you use the right products: check out Shea butter and its application as a heat protectant.


What’s Shea Butter

Shea butter is extracted from the Shea-Karite tree nuts in the tropical climate of East and West Africa. It is an all-natural hair conditioner widely known for its moisturizing properties. When you’ll look it up, you’ll find two main types of Shea butter: a refined version and an unrefined one. All you need to know is that, at the price of a stronger smell that some might not like, the unrefined version brings you all the natural properties the Shea butter originally comes with. You won’t go wrong with either version and it all comes down to a matter of taste.


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All-Natural Heat Protectant

Shea butter deeply moisturizes your hair as well as the scalp and has proved to be a valid heat protectant to minimize hair damage while ironing your locks. It’ll lock in moisture just like some silicon-based formulas do but it’s entirely natural and won’t weigh down your hair. Given that it can be heated up to 450°F (233°C) and that it has a very long lifespan, it is ideal to protect your hair before passing it under the iron and, in general, in very hot conditions.


How To Apply

Scoop a little of Shea butter onto your palms, warm it up between your fingers, and apply it on the length of your hair. It’ll form a protective film around your locks and keep them safe when using a flat iron on them.


Straight Down To The Point

Look matters and nobody would like to go out with an out-of-bed head on a Friday night. Yet, your hair’s health should be your top priority. Think about it this way, straightening your hair without thoroughly protecting it will lead to unrepairable damages that’ll mess up any Friday night for the years to come.

Just play it safe: try out natural heat protectants such as Shea butter and get the most fashionable look while protecting your hair. Shine on the dance floor this Friday night…as well as all the other Friday nights to come.



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