What is Beard Balm and How Does it Work?

So you’ve made the decision to grow to a beard. Good for you! But as we mentioned in our Beginner's Guide to Growing and Maintaining a Beard, it’s not easy and there are costs associated - and it’s not just monetary. Time, effort, and patience are also required to create the perfect beard, but if you have all of that, then keep reading to learn about one of the most important items needed to grow a healthier and better beard: beard balm.


What is beard balm?

Beard balm is simply a leave-in conditioner for your beard that helps with its moisturizing, softening, and stylizing. Many beard balms contain a variety of oils, butters, or protectants (like beeswax) to help improve its effects. The Anjou 100% Pure and Natural Beard Balm contains vitamin E, Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and beeswax. We recommend using beard balms with pure and natural ingredients, as those using synthetic sealants (like petroleum jelly) may irritate your skin and damage facial hair.

What does beard balm do?

Put simply, beard balm gives your beard a healthier, thicker, sexier appearance. The many ways it helps do that is through the various ingredients included inside:

·         Minimizing beard oil secretion and odors

Jojoba oil, which has a molecular structure that's similar to our own sebum, keeps the hairs moisturized without altering the skin's natural balance to prevent odors and oils.

·         Repairing damage repair and boosting growth

Beard balm deeply penetrates your whiskers with the help of the oils like argan oil, which helps repair the hairs from the inside and reduce future breakage.

·         Acting as a natural sunblock and protectant

Beard balms which include beeswax help “cocoon” your beard hair in a protective layer that keeps out heat and pollution.


Finally, know that beard balm is not the same as beard oil. Although both are used to create the conditions for healthy beard growth, their benefits are slightly different. While beard balm helps condition, shape, and protect your beard, beard oil is used to protect and condition the skin underneath your facial hair. However, both may come with similar ingredients which may provide similar benefits, and they can even be used in conjunction.


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