How Women Can Prevent Hair Loss With Argan Oil

Imagine the panic when looking down at the bathroom sink or at your hair brush and seeing your hairs everywhere. You might even think to yourself “this should happen to men, not me”. Sadly the reality is that 40 percent of woman aged over 40 will have experienced some form of hair loss, as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology. But you can fight back and prevent continued hair loss with Argan oil. Argan oil is a popular oil that people from all over the world are using to improve hair and scalp health, as well as to reduce the damaging effects scalp conditions can have on your hair which can also lead to hair loss.

Argan Oil is packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for improved blood circulation. Argan oil also helps to moisturize and strengthen hair follicles to retain already existing hairs. If you’re after your own argan oil for home or when traveling, Anjou has an affordable and natural argan oil, which can be found here.

The best way to use argan oil in order to get the best results is to exfoliate first. By exfoliating the scalp, you will unblock the hair follicle to allow the argan oil to penetrate the core and ensure its efficacy. To exfoliate, it is recommended to use an exfoliating agent engineered just for the scalp so it can remove the buildup of hair products, excess chemicals, pollution, and sebum. Follow the instructions as indicated on the exfoliator and remember to towel dry hair when done.

 After your hair is dry, place a few drops onto your scalp or onto your fingertips then massage into your scalp. For best results, massage in circular motions from the front to the back of your neck, then from the top of the head down to each side. The trick is to massage the argan oil so it covers the entire scalp with particular focus on troubling areas; this will ensure that blood flow will reach all parts of the scalp and the rest of the hair follicles. You will need to do this for at least 15 minutes, three times a week.

Another method for addressing hair loss is to target scalp conditions before they can damage the hair. Several scalp conditions like dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis, dermatitis, or even a buildup of oil can block hair follicles and you will suffer hair loss. Thankfully argan oil can prevent this happening. Like before, you must exfoliate to remove the buildup, then massage argan oil into the scalp. You will later only need to do this once a week as your scalp reverts to a more natural state.

Argan oil might not be able to cure balding like many dream, but it can help prevent hair lose by ensuring your head can grow more hair follicles than what you are able to lose. Use it to improve hair and scalp health so you can look your best.



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