5 Foods Naturally High in Hyaluronic Acid

You can always count on people planning to do two things – look better and eat better. But if you were ever in need of an incentive, here is a big one – eat food that contains hyaluronic acid so you can look and feel younger. For those not in the know, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that helps to retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid is particularly beneficial for your skin as it helps to strengthen and repair the outer layer which results in smoother, plumper, and softer skin. That’s a double incentive. Here are the top 5 best foods that are naturally high in hyaluronic acid.


Bone Broth
One of the best sources for hyaluronic acid comes from bone broth. Bone broth comes from chicken, beef, and other meats, which are simmered for up to 24 hours. By slow-cooking the bones, cartilage, skin and ligaments, important nutrients are released while also enriching the flavor. In fact, these nutrients are only able to be gotten due to the simmering process. In addition to hyaluronic acid, bone broth contains a range of other important nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. 


Organ Meats
Along with bone broth, the organs of some of the most popular life stock - including pork, poultry, beef, and lamb - are rich in hyaluronic acid. One of the more popular organs to eat, and one that is full of hyaluronic acid, is liver. If you are an exotic eater, you can also try fish eyeballs but we would understand if you didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Soy Foods

One of the properties of estrogen is that it raises hyaluronic acid levels. It stands that if we eat foods that contain estrogen, our hyaluronic levels will also increase. Many soy-dense products like tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, soy pasta, and soy yogurt, contain isoflavones, which is what raises your estrogen levels and in turn, your hyaluronic acid levels. Remember to check out health food shops for delicious tasting soy-based products. 


Red Wine
Many of us enjoy a bit of red with our evening meal. When consumed in moderation, it is an excellent source of hyaluronic acid. This is because red wine contains the skin of grapes, which is a vital source of phytoestrogen. Besides looking younger, what better excuse is there to drink some more wine?

Root Vegetables
While many vegetables contain hyaluronic acid, the amount is quite negligible so it’s recommended to eat the vegetables that contain the highest amounts. That is where root vegetables come in. Root vegetables consist of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and lotus roots, among many others, and are absolutely loaded with hyaluronic acid. Root vegetables are particularly good to cook with given their versatility, accessibility, and great flavor. It has been theorized that the high levels of magnesium found in root vegetables allows the body to synthesize an even greater amount of hyaluronic than what is ordinarily given from other vegetables. 


By changing your diet and embracing new foods and ways of cooking, you can enjoy all the benefits of hyaluronic acid. If however you would like a faster and more convenient way, Anjou has an affordable hyaluronic acid serum that can be found here. No matter how you want it, now is the time to start looking your best.  



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