What's the Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Balms?

As simple as that: do you know what the difference between beard oil and beard balm is all about? All modern day beardsmen have found themselves wondering which of these two beard grooming essentials to use (and how) to the get the best results out of their daily beard care routine – and most have kept curling up their whiskers with a finger big time waiting for an answer. Good news is that although there are differences between beard oil and balm, they’re nothing like day and night and it's all down to personal preference. To put it simple, the two products do differ on a certain level and you’ll soon be able to figure out which one suits best your needs, but when it comes to beard care you won’t go wrong with either.


For the most part, beard oil and beard balm share the same composition being made of a combination of several essential oils (along with a variety if vitamins). By looking at both products’ labels, names like Moroccan Argan oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and such are likely to show up 9 out of 10. The function of the essential oils in both beard care must-haves is to nourish the hairs as well as the skin underneath. This’ll prevent the skin from running dry and flaking (in short, less itching and dandruff) and it’ll keep the hairs hydrated to minimize breakage.


The difference between the two is mainly the addition of beeswax to the beard balm. The beeswax (or an alternative waxy product depending on the overall composition) will provide more structuring/modelling over your manly facial hairs and will help you style it up a little bit.


As such, the beard balm is further divided into two main genres: conditioning and sculpting.

While the former mainly provides your whiskers with the right nutrients they need, its sculpting version will give you more of a hold and will help you keep under control even the more unruly the-comb-won’t-break-through beards.

Both versions will leave a thin layer over your hairs for an extra protection against the heat, dry weather, pollution, etc.


As for the similarities between the two products, the application process is no different. Both require you to scoop a small amount onto your palms, to spread it between your fingers (you’ll need to melt a little bit the balm by rubbing it between two fingers, though), and to apply it evenly throughout your beard. Especially for the oil since it presents a lighter composition that won’t clog the pores, it’s important to massage the hairs as well as the skin underneath.


At the end of the day, should you use both beard oil and beard balm? Or would it be wiser to choose one over the other? Honestly, it comes down to personal choice. Meaning, it depends on the way you care for your beard and how you want it to look. While the hair balm will help you hold your hairs together and it’ll give your whiskers a neater look without weighing it down too much, you may actually fancy your gnarly beard and how it lays naturally. If that’s the case, you better off with a beard oil that’ll hydrate both facial hairs and the skin underneath while giving your beard a shiny and soft look to comb your fingers through.

Yet, nobody tells you not to use both depending on the style you want to give your beard that specific day. Make sure you use products that are as natural as possible, with no silicones to speak of, and, whether it is beard oil or beard balm you tame your whiskers with, you won’t go wrong with either.    



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