A Beginner's Guide to Vitamin C Serum

Regular users of skin care products may notice vitamin C constantly pop up as an active ingredient, which is no coincidence because - put simply - it works wonders for the skin! But some people may want to intensity the strength of their skin-care routine, which is where vitamin C serum comes into play. Come learn about the 5 W’s of Vitamin C Serum: What does it do, where and when should it be used, and why do people use it?

What does vitamin C serum do?

At its core, vitamin C serum provides rich antioxidant properties that repair and renew skin cells for a healthier and brighter look. But more specifically, vitamin C serum can prevent and reverse sun damage, diminish age sports, and reduce signs of aging. It may seem like magic, but there’s plenty of science behind the scenes (that we won’t go into too much in this blog). You just need to know that free radicals (atoms or molecules with an unpaired electron) are what age us, but vitamin C is an electron donor, which helps reverse and prevent signs of aging!

Where and when should vitamin C serum be used?

Vitamin C serum is usually applied directly on clean skin before any other products are used, and usually on the face or neck. To keep it simple, follow this order: Cleanser > Vitamin C Serum > pH Dependent Acids > Rest of Skin Care Routine.

Because serums contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients (in this case vitamin C), a few drops are more than enough for each application, but the exact amount will vary from person to person as well as by product (do your testing!). Vitamin C serum should also be applied twice daily.

Why do people use it?

Obviously, because they want to look younger! But also because vitamin C serum is a skin care solution that has been proven to work (and one of the few that actually does what it promises to). It may take a few months (sometimes 6+) before expected results can be seen, so just remember to take it slow and steady and definitely don’t apply more than the product’s recommended dosage!


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