10 Ways Shea Butter Leads to Healthier Hair and Skin

Have you ever thought of how similar hair and skin can be? If not, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one who doesn’t see a connection between the two right away. After all, you wouldn’t apply shampoo or conditioner on your skin, would you? Let alone, you’d use hand cream to style up your curls before drying your hair, right? Basically, the differences are numerous and one doesn’t need such a high biology acumen to get that much. Yet, surprise surprise, some products that are known to be a must in skin care treatments are actually quite beneficial to the hair, too. To say one, Shea butter has proven to be of great help in treating both skin and hair.

What makes Shea butter such a mutant of a product that you can safely use it to get both better skin and hair? It actually depends on its natural properties, and these will be more or less effective depending on the form the Shea butter is delivered in. To put it short, unrefined Shea butter retains most of its healing properties, whereas its refined version that’s undergone treatments to remove the strong scent and alter the color lacks some of these natural qualities. Although the effectiveness may vary though, both versions are suitable to treat hair as well as skin and you won’t go wrong with either.


Below are 10 ways both your skin and hair will benefit by adding Shea butter to your daily routine.


Moisturize Skin & Hair

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer. It’ll hydrate your skin and hair, lock in the added moisture, and further protect them from the heat by leaving a thin layer over them.


Less Wrinkles For A Younger Look

Being a natural source of Vitamin A, the Shea butter will nourish the skin and minimize wrinkles and thin lines for a skin that feels and looks better. First results can be noticed after four to six weeks of use.


Protect Your Lips In Winter

Given its natural moisturizing properties, you can use it as a lip balm and it’ll prevent your lips from chopping open all over despite the cold temperatures. 


Ideal For Curly Hair

Get those curls defined once and for all for a look that catches glances and doesn’t resemble to a bush. The Shea butter will keep your curls together without weighing them down. 



Soothe Irritated Skin

The healing properties of the Shea butter (as said, they’ll be more effective if you go with the unrefined version) will alleviate skin irritations, itching, and any skin rash in general.


Stretch Marks Prevention During Pregnancy

By making the tissues more flexible, a daily application of Shea butter will limit the occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy and help throughout the overall scaring process.


A Healthier Scalp For Less Dandruff

Dandruff is nothing else but the actual scalp skin that, drying up, flakes off and gets stuck all over your hair for that snow globe-like effect nobody’s fond of. A well-hydrated scalp won’t itch and there’ll be no scratching and flaking altogether.


The After Bug Bites Deal

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it’ll alleviate the itch caused by bug bites to get you mind (and hands!) off the itching spot.


Makeup Foundation For The Ladies

Apply a thin layer of Shea butter over the eyelids before the makeup and get an all-natural liquid foundation that’ll help fixing the makeup and make it last longer.


For All The Above…But With Fun

Given its malleable texture, the Shea butter makes a great massage butter/lotion. Whether it is your scalp or back you want to apply it onto, enjoy a relaxing massage while getting all the good stuff such a versatile product comes with.


Bottom line: are hair and skin any similar? Maybe not that much, after all. Yet, that doesn’t mean that what’s good for your hair cannot be of help when it comes to hair care too. Define your priorities, settle for a refined or unrefined form of Shea butter, and give it a try to enjoy healthier and better looking skin as well as hair.



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