Top 10 Essential Oil Recipes for Better Sleep

What exactly happens when we are asleep? Apart from snoring, pulling the cover all to your side and leaving your husband’s feet out in the cold, sucking up your thumb (you really should stop that at your age!), and having that weird dream where you get to work just to realize you’re not wearing any shoes…what else do we do while snoozing? Actually, although we might not be aware of it, plenty of vital processes take place at night when our head hits the pillow. To say a few: hormones are released, a full toxin cleanse is run, muscles and tissues regenerate, body growth occurs, and we forget all the not-so-useful information we came across during the day. While we are “resting”, our brain and body aren’t slacking off. They’re patching us up after today’s battles and getting us ready to face what tomorrow has to offer.


In a nutshell, getting a good night sleep is the key to how we’ll perform the next day. As such, for all those times when we battle to fall and stay asleep, several are the remedies to help us relax, peacefully snooze, and fully recover mentally as well as physically.

Amongst the most natural and effective solutions to fight insomnia and get a deeper and better sleep we find essential oils.


Given the vast variety of essential oils in the market as well as the fact that each of them comes with its own natural properties that’ll affect our mind and body in different ways, it’s important to get to know them and find the ones that best work with us and our lifestyle.


We’ll be checking out 10 essential oils to use with a diffuser or simply apply on the body and inhale for better sleep.



According to several studies conducted at the University of Southampton, UK, lavender helps a great deal with anxiety and insomnia and it’s one of the essentials in any calming bedtime routine.


Distilled from the roots of the respective plant, vetiver essential oil features an earthy and fairly robust scent. Often combined with a lighter essential oil, like lavender and chamomile, to mitigate its strong fragrance.



The effect of this essential oil is known as Santalol and it’s particularly effective in inducing sleep.



Found in most natural therapies to cure sleeping disorders, the valerian essential oil leads to drowsiness and is beneficial to fight insomnia.


Orange and Lemon Oils

Versatile and amongst the most used essential oils to blend different fragrances together and make your own recipes. Citral, myrcene and limonene are present in all citrus essential oils and help relax the muscles and induce sleep.


Clary Sage

A natural sedative that gives the peace and calm needed to get a good night’s sleep, wake up fully refreshed, and boost your work performance and overall life quality.



This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Chamomile and all of its variations (amongst which, Roman Chamomile seems to be the more effective) makes a great remedy to induce sleep and prepare for a restful night.



What we could call an all-rounder: ideal for cooking, muscles and joints healing, and a substantial aid in inducing sleep.



A citrus fruit whose oil is extracted by cold pressing the peel or rind of the fruit. It provides a positive boost mood and fights anxiety.


Ylang Ylang

Last but not least, ylang ylang, whose warm and soothing scent helps ease stress, gives an overall sense of fulfillment, and helps you achieve a deeper and uninterrupted sleep.



Are you tired of counting sheep? Give essential oils a try and find out that they pack way more than just a pleasant scent. Let their delicate essence soothe your nerves, ease stress and tension, and help you start your day fresh to make the most out of it.



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