Five Ways Coconut Oil Can Protect Your Hair This Summer

Summer is a season of sunshine, beach, and breeze. Everyone is spending more time out in the sun or under the water. But summer conditions, such as strong sunlight, wind, salt water, and humidity can bring many challenges to the hair. You may find your hair limp, frizzy, unruly, and out of control. Worse off, if you hair is dyed, you may find your color breached out and turned into something strange looking. 


To keep you hair neat and shiny in this hot summer, you need our all-time favorite healthy food and natural remedies – coconut oil. With many nourishing antiviral and antibacterial properties, coconut oil helps discourage bacterial growth, promote a balanced microbiome both inside and outside of the body. The fatty acids in coconut oil have high molecular affinity with hair proteins but have a low molecular weight and straight chain structure that are able to penetrate the hair shaft, strengthening and regrowing hair, and conditioning the scalp. Here are 5 major benefits that coconut oil provides to our hair this summer.


1.       Prevent Sun Damage


Coconut oil naturally contains a sun protection factor equals to SPF 10 that is a natural sun screen; this recipe has been used for generations by indigenous island people. Dispense a small amount of coconut oil in hand, rub it over the hair, then brush hair through thoroughly and evenly to let it in. Make sure to apply to your scalp, which is more susceptible to sun burn. Use it as a leave-in conditioner to fully protect your hair from sun burn. For the best result, use Anjou Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and be free of bleach, hexane, and trans fat.


2.       Protect Against Pool Chlorine Damage  

Staying in the sun or playing in the swimming pool can leave a mark on your hair. Lighter hair tends to turn green as a result of chlorine while dark colored hair will fade or take on a different tint.

Treat your hair with a coconut oil deep hair conditioning before entering the pool can prevent such damage. Wet your hair with shower water to open the hair follicle before coating the oil on the whole strand and your scalp. The hydrophobic properties of coconut oil can repel the chlorine. Wash with off the excess oil once out of the pool.

3.       Repair Salt Water Damage

Seawater leaves dryness and tangles in your hair. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and surrounds the hair with a protective barrier. This will help your hair stay moisturized, smooth, and shiny. It also fix damaged ends and improve hair break stress. 

4.       Reduce Wind Damage  

The active lifestyle in summer can be relaxing but also strain our hair. Whether you are playing sports, hiking in the woods, walking on the beach, or taking a drive, there is always a big wind blowing, leaving our hair matted and dried out. Coconut oil can be a superior daily detangler to reduce wind damage.

Simply rub some coconut oil into your palm and gently work it through your hair. Let it soak in for a few minutes and comb through the hair. It will not only help soothe and moisturize your hair but also seal the cuticle to reverse wind damage. 

5.       Regrow Healthy Hair   

Summer sweat burns more calories and it’s time to give your hair a thrust for it to stay healthy and growing. The vitamins and essential fatty acids in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help remove sebum build up from follicles.

Thoroughly wash your hair and comb to detangle before applying to your hair and scalp. Gently message and rub on your entire scalp. Use before bedtime, wrap your head with a towel or cloth and leave the coconut oil on your scalp overnight for best results.



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