How to Get the Most from Your Bath Bombs

Think baths are for kids? Think again. It’s time to rediscover the humble bathtub – with bath bombs. Bath bombs are a fizzy explosion of colors, scents, petals, and essential oils that make bath time more relaxing while looking after your skin. Here are some great tips for making the most of your bath bombs.

Using Bath Bombs Correctly
For the full effects of a bath bomb, you can’t just throw them in as the water starts to run. For best use, wait until the bath has a sizable amount of water, throw one in so it “explodes”, then hop in the water. If you are feeling game you can also sit in the water as you submerge it so you get a closer view of the fizzy fun.

Knowing the Benefits
It’s important to know what composes a bath bomb and how it benefits you. Bath bombs with essential oils like chamomile, rose, or lavender not only smell good but create a relaxing and calming effect. Minerals or nutrients like salts, herbs, and clays work with your skin and are found in nearly every bath bomb. In fact bath bombs work with every skin type from normal, to dry, to oily. Therefore those of us with dry skin should look for bath bombs that contain almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, or shea butter. For a bath bomb gift set that caters to all needs, try these colored bath bombs from Anjou

When To Use Them
While bath bombs can be used over a long time, for the absolute best results you should use the bath bombs straight away. Even when kept in a dry environment the bath bomb can lose a little potency, therefore using it while it is freshest will result in a better bath with a better fizz.

Make It Last
Make all the fun you’ll be having last longer by cutting the bath bombs into thirds or halves. Even with half a bath bomb, the invigorating effects are largely the same so you can double (or triple) your fun without spending double the amount.

Keeping Things Clean
Some bath bombs contain flower petals – which while luxurious - are a hassle when you drain the bath as they can get stuck in the plug hole. No need to go through that hassle when there is an easy solution -simply put the bath bombs inside a nylon stocking or small cloth bag so it catches the petals. The great thing about this trick is that all the things that make the bath bomb – the fragrances, salts, and oils – aren’t obstructed, only those pesky petals. Certainly makes for an easier clean up once you’ve finished cleaning yourself.


Using It Outside the Bath
One of the reasons we love bath bombs is that they smell heavenly. It’s a shame something that smells so good can only be used in the bath… or can it? As the scent from the bath bomb permeates whatever space it occupies, you can use it almost anywhere. Simply crush the bath bomb into much smaller bits, then place in areas that need freshening up.   



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