Guide to Choosing the Best Beard Brush

Many are the differences between the hair that grows on your head and the hairs that sprout on your face, call it a fancy name like chin wig, whiskers, cheek bristles, or simply beard. To say a few: the color of the two can differ (take Christian Bale in any movie but Batman), some have straight hair but their whiskers grow curly and some experience the other way around, and, kind of bless for some men in their early forties, facial hairs keep on growing even when the head hair has long given up (remember that diehard beard Bruce Willis used to sport?).  So, how do the two relate you wonder? Both grow even if you don’t want them to (until you get to Bruce Willis’s point, that is) and both are going to look messy unless to tender care them as needed.


When it comes to the beard, several are the products (such as beard oil) you can use to nourish your bristles, give them a shiny and healthy look, and frame them into place. Yet, one should never neglect the basics. A good and thorough brushing performed on a daily basis will make the difference for what looks like a wig that accidentally sprouted in your chin sphere and an iconic that-hot-dude beard you can sport with pride no matter where you buzz at.


Several are the benefits from brushing your facial hairs on a regular basis. Apart from framing your bristles back to place and helping you achieve a neater and proper look, it’ll keep the follicles stimulated and make sure they keep pushing nutrients all the way down to the roots. On top of that, thoroughly combing your beard with a brush will help you uniformly distribute sebum and oil (the natural one hairs are covered in or a beard oil/balm applied for a smoother and shinier look). Bottom line, a bad looking beard is worse than no beard at all and it’s extremely important to choose the right brush to help you groom it as soon as it reaches a comb-able length.


Yet, what should you look out for when it comes to beard brushes? What makes a good beard brush and why choose it over your wife’s cheaper brush you already have at home? There are 3 main differences to look out for: the length of the bristles, what these are made of, and what I call the no-comb factor.


Pick up any beard brush that deserves to be called so and you’ll notice one important feature right away: the bristles are not all alike but feature different lengths. The advantage of brushing your whiskers with bristles that are cut at different lengths is that you’ll easily reach the hairs at any level and won’t need as many strokes to get them right as with, say, your wife’s brush. This will limit the occurrence of split ends and will lengthen the lifespan of every single hair.


When you set your mind on purchasing a brush for that beard of yours, watch out for anything made of synthetic fibers and such. The best you can get is a brush with natural boar hair bristles. These’ll trap the oil and help you distribute it uniformly the whole length of your beard.


Last but not least, the no-comb factor. It may seem obvious, but yes, brushes are no combs and you’ll get different results by using one over the other. The major no when it comes to combs for beard grooming is that these are molded out of plastic. As such, they have lots of microscopic jagged edges that’ll tear apart the integrity of the follicles stroke after stroke. Bottom line, they’re no match compared to a softer beard brush that’s made specifically to help you grow a beard that feels and looks good.


When it comes to your facial hairs, don’t be a fool and think that all it takes to properly groom it is not cut it in the first place. Properly growing a beard is more of a handful than just shaving it every other day. If you want to do it right and go the whole hog, gear up with a solid beard brush that’ll help you care for your facial hairs and turn any coarse sprout into some whiskers to be proud of.



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