How to Choose a Good Coconut Oil

Coconut is an exotic food. Unless you live in the tropical area, you are more likely to open a bottle of orange juice than drinking fresh coconut juice. But coconut oil is a different story. Over the past decay, coconut oil has slowly gained a reputation for been one of the healthy alternatives to cooking oil. It is full of the best kinds of saturated fat and metabolism-boosting medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). But do you know the difference between different types of coconut oil? Even your local supermarket may offer a few different kinds of coconut oil.



The biggest choice you have to make when choosing coconut oil is deciding on unrefined or refined coconut oil. In simple terms, refined coconut oil has been more processed than unrefined oils. Unrefined or “Raw” coconut oil is made from fresh, raw, coconut meat. There are no added chemicals, and high heat is not used to refine the oil further. They contain more health benefits and coconut flavors.



Refined coconut oil usually goes through the process of refining, bleaching, and deodorizing. This process kills most of the coconut flavor and its extra healthy benefits, in exchange for a longer shelf life and a more hygienic oil. For people who prefer the coconut oil but minors the coconut flavor, refined coconut oil is their choice. Refined coconut oil is more easily sold than unrefined.  



The main difference between ordinary coconut oil and virgin coconut oil lies in their processes of extraction. While the former is extracted by cold compression or cold milling of Copra (another name for dried Coconut kernels) with a moisture content of around six percent, the latter is extracted from the coconut milk obtained from fresh coconuts. Virgin coconut oil has a very good taste and smell, like that of fresh coconuts, since it is derived from fresh coconuts and is subjected to very low, if not totally nil, heat and sunlight. It is also not refined.



Certified organic coconut oil (always look for the “USDA Organic” label) means that the coconuts that were used for the oil were grown without the use of pesticides.


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Liquid Coconut Oil

This is the coconut oil that will stay in liquid form even when refrigerated. Unrefined coconut oil becomes solid at a temperature lower than 79 degrees. Liquid coconut oil has the lauric acid removed, which is a strong antimicrobial component of the coconut oil. So this is a highly refined type of coconut oil without the best part of coconut oil: lauric acid.


Finally, you may occasionally see a product that is labelled as “coconut oil” with no other descriptions, in most cases you can assume it is refined coconut oil.



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