Starting Your Own Etsy Shop With Essential Oils

It might be an interest in making something or an interest in making money. Whatever the reasons are, creating your own shop on Etsy is incredibly easy to do once you know what you want to sell. But for some people out there, finding the right thing to sell can be hard; especially if time, creativity, or money are limited. Thankfully you can still create a successful Etsy shop with the help of essential oils. Essential oil can be blended together for a number of benefits and are a relatively easy and low cost way to get started on Etsy without the high barriers of entry that other goods demand. Here are some popular essential oil mixes that you can use for Etsy success.  


Soothing and Stress Relief
Day to day life can get us feeling stressed and worn out. The following recipe is perfect for those that can’t keep their cool and need a calming detox.


1.       Add 3 drops clary sage oil

2.       Add 1 drop lemon oil

3.       Add 1 drop lavender oil

4.       Several drops of a carrier oil

5.       Mix together and bottle.

This will only make a small amount. Like the rest of the recipes featured in this article, simply multiply each constituent so you have enough for later when your business gets popular.


Sleep Aid
Getting a good night’s rest is one of the essential things we can do. But for some reason people have trouble getting a bit of shut eye. The following is a classic recipe to help with sleep.

1.       Add 3 drops of lavender (or your choice of essential oil)

2.       Add 3 tablespoons of jojoba carrier oil

3.       Then mix together before bottling.


Breathe Easier
Whether its allergies, hay fever, or just bad air, the ability to breathe easily is something we never consider until we can’t breathe at all. Don’t let breathing troubles bring you down with an easy and popular recipe.

1.       Add 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

2.       Add 2 drops peppermint essential oil

3.       Add 80ml of water

4.       Blend together and bottle


Focus Helper
Losing focus during the afternoon can be a death kneel for those of us that are expected to work hard all day. Sometimes a prepackaged pick-me-up is all we need to get going and going. Here is another easy recipe that you can use to increase alertness and wakefulness.

1.       Add 2 drops wild orange essential oil

2.       Add 2 drops peppermint essential oil

3.       Add 80ml of water

4.       Blend and bottle


Eliminate Odors
No one likes a foul smelling funk, so try this natural remedy for eliminating bad smells and other ungodly odors.

1.       Add 2 drops lemon essential oil

2.       Add 1 drop cilantro essential oil

3.       Add 1 drop melaleuca essential oil

4.       Add 1 drop lime essential oil

5.       Add 80ml of water

6.       Mix together and package


Insect Repellent
Summer comes with one thing we universally dislike – mosquitoes and other insects. The great thing about the following recipe is that there are quite a large number of different essential oils that you can use, meaning you can mix-n-match and make some exciting blends to keep away those pesky bugs.

An insect repellent will use any of the follow essential oils:

·         Basil

·         Cinnamon

·         Citronella

·         Clove

·         Eucalyptus

·         Geranium

·         Lavender

·         Lemon

·         Peppermint

·         Rosemary

·         Sage

·         Thyme

Many of these essential oils are featured in the Anjou Essential Oil Gift Set available here.

Once you have selected the essential oil of choice, follow the next steps to make a large mix that you can sell in bulk:

1.       Add 2 ounces of distilled or boiled water

2.       Add 1.5 ounces of witch hazel or vodka

3.       Add 30-50 drops of the essential oil of choice. You can add more oils for a stronger spray but you might need to adjust the amount of drops used if the potency is too strong

4.       Shake to mix, then package.


With six easy to make essential oil blends to make, you’ll be able to get a firm footing as you start your Etsy store. After that it’s simply a matter of refining your blends, expanding your repertoire, and providing the best service that you can. Good luck!



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