Anjou Customer Stories: How Our Customers Live #InspiredByNature

With all the customer health care companies out there, how to decide which one to go with? How can one possibly know, before purchasing one product over another and giving it a spin, what anti-age serum, Shea butter, or essential oil will best suit our skin- or hair-care routine and improve our overall lifestyle? Many are the brands, slogans, and promises we are bombarded with throughout the day. Yet, not all are as good as they claim or have anything concrete to back up their statements and propaganda.

What makes Anjou any different? That’s simple: YOU.


In the strive to always improve and provide the most natural and effective products for your health care, one element always stays the same. You. You will be the final judge of our results. Yours is the feedback to go by to improve. And you are the core of the whole production process, from the brainstorming session to packaging. To put it short, it’s not just a matter of how we work. It all comes down to who we work for and that settles everything else.

We at Anjou have some pretty firm values when it comes to your health and won’t settle for nothing less than the most safe and pure products that are processed in an organic and ethic way. The results speak for themselves. Let’s hear out a few customers who were looking for a natural solution to better their lifestyle, gave Anjou products a try, and won’t regret it for the rest of their lives.



People Who Love That Fragrance


Anjou Bath Bombs Gift Set

“Amazing. It smells very nice and a perfect item for relaxing. It deeply nourishes my skin and leaves it very smooth and rejuvenated. It is a soothing and wonderful experience. It is enjoying a spa treatment in the comfort of my home. It has a very cute and adorable packaging. It is very colorful and is according to their flavors. All in all this item is great for personal use and a wonderful gift”.

By M&M on June 22, 2016



Anjou Top 6 Essential Oils Set for Aromatherapy

“This is such a beautiful box of Essential Oils that smell absolutely incredible. The packaging is really the best I have ever seen […] I will absolutely order again this set of beautiful smelling oils! Thank you for a fantastic product”.

By Dawn J. on March 20, 2016




Anjou Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

 “I love the soothing colors and also the fact you can turn the colors off and you still have an attractive diffuser that looks great with any decor. It's simple to use. Love the fact you can control the amount of mist. Very happy I purchased this”.

By Stephany Benken on August 11, 2016



People With Healthier Hair

Anjou Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

“I bought this to use as a mask for my hair, rather than to use with food preparation. As a hair treatment, I can honestly say that it was superior to the other coconut oil and coconut based product I bought. After one treatment, my hair was much softer. I now use it twice a week and I am seeing less breakage, more shine (without a greasy look or feel) and less of that brittle look and feel that comes with having severely damaged”

By NaughtyBookGirl on July 21, 2016



Anjou Unrefined African Shea Butter

“I suppose the smell could be described as nutty, as others have said; it's kind of earthy to me. In its solid state it is a little gritty, but it melts smoothly in your hands almost as soon as you touch it. I've used it as a mask in my hair and as post swim/sun moisturizer. It absorbed quickly and was greasy for a couple minutes, but became unnoticeable after that. Will buy again”.

By J. McGuire on July 16, 2016


Anjou Unrefined Jojoba Oil

“My daughters have frizzy ends of their hair and tried applying this oil. It works and seems to repair the hair so it stayed looking nice all day. They had no issue applying since it has a light nutty smell that goes away quickly […] This is another quality product from Anjou and I would highly recommend for a variety of skin and hair treatments”.

By David L. Yarbrough on April 23, 2016



People With A Smother Skin


Anjou Sodium Bentonite Clay Mask

“I have always struggled with acne, which is probably a result of having oily skin (thanks mom!) I usually take great care of my skin in order to maintain a clear face. I seen this clay and knew it would be a great addition to my routine […] After using this item I can definitely say I like the way it makes my skin feel. Not only does my face feel soft but it LOOKS refreshed, which is saying a lot because I am ALWAYS tired (I work overnights only). It's nice to have my skin look young and alive again”.

By Amy Waugh on July 9, 2016



Anjou Vitamin C Serum

“I have tried many vitamin C serums before that were more expensive. I decided to try this one. It sounded like what I was looking for and the price was excellent. I am so glad that I did. After two applications the brown spot on my face from too much sun exposure was gone! I use this every day and will reorder”.

By joann on July 13, 2016



Anjou Hyaluronic Acid Serum

 “I will be 50 in 30 days and I really wanted to try this type of product and see what all the hype is about... I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and it has not given me any issue. It made my skin look and feel way more hydrated”.

By Maureen King on June 1, 2016



Join the ever growing Anjou community and benefit from 100% natural and organic products that’ll make you feel and look better, improve your overall lifestyle, and, most importantly, that’ll do you all the good you need with no harmful effect whatsoever.

Join a healthier way of living your life. Join Anjou.



Established in 2016, Anjou’s exclusive collection of skincare products and essential oils are all made using preservative-free ingredients from around the world in order to empower users to live more naturally and confidently with 100% natural ingredients.


Pure and Organic: Anjou works closely with specialists around the world to find the perfect location and environment, making sure Anjou products are made from the best stuff on Earth.


Safe and Secure: All Anjou products first undergo a rigorous internal selection process before being sent to the FDA/USDA for official approval. Before shipping, we run a final QC check to make sure everything is in order.


Customer Focused: Every aspect of Anjou and every decision we make, from our product pricing to packaging to after-sales support, is done to keep you, our customer, satisfied.


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