Your Guide To The Perfect 3-Minute Beard Routine

It’s a Monday morning and you’ve slept through the alarm. You are late and your beard is a mess. Thankfully looking after a beard doesn’t require much time - that’s why we’ve prepared a guide for the perfect beard routine. It’s so fast that it only takes 3 minutes so you can look your best before you get out the door.


Wash and Dry Your Beard
We will assume you start your morning with a shower? What you don’t? What sort of animal are you? No matter if you actually showered, or just washed your face under warm water, the first thing you need to do once your beard is clean is to dry it. Because a water soaked beard doesn’t work well with the rest of the steps.
Time: 30 seconds (to dry)


Remove Extra Hairs
If you’re a little more in touch with beard care and regularly give it some maintenance, then you might be able to skip this step. For those of us who look like a scruffy rock star and like to let things grow, you will need to abandon that fast life and start removing any extra unkempt hairs. Focus on areas along the cheekbones and neck where stray hairs grow. You can shave it with a safety razor, straight razor, or an electric razor. Afterwards your face and neck will look more presentable.
Time: 30 – 60 seconds


Brush Your Beard
You comb the hair on your head so you should also comb the hair on your face. Combs and brushes designed for beards help to fan out individual hairs giving a healthier and fuller look. Additionally, brushes help to more evenly distribute beards – ideal for the average guy who doesn’t have a truly even beard. If you don’t own a beard brush yet, Anjou has a very portable and durable beard brush that you can find here.
Time: 30 seconds

Add Beard Oil
Using a beard oil is a lot like using oil for a car – both help by making the beard/car last longer. But in addition to keeping a quality beard for longer, regular application of a beard oil helps for better growth, maintains hair follicle health, and protects the beard from sun damage. Splash a bit on to keep facial skin moist and the beard feeling soft. Get a high quality beard oil with jojoba and argan oil here.
Time: 30 – 60 seconds

Bonus Step: Add Beard Balm
It might add a bit of extra time on an already rushed morning, but if you’ve got an extra minute or two to add to the already fast three minute beard routine, you can add a beard balm. A beard balm offers an extra layer of protection while also moisturizing the hair and surrounding skin, and even repairing hairs from damage and breakage. If you’re after the ultimate beard protection, get your beard balm here.
Time: 60 – 120 seconds

It’s simple, easy, and most importantly FAST to look after your beard. Regular care will ensure you look less messy and more hunky. Now take a minute to admire your cosmetic handiwork – because if you don’t, the ladies certainly will.



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