Back to School Essentials: Five Essential Oils You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet This Fall

When it comes to the new school year there’s a lot of getting ready going on. You get yourself a new backpack, new books and manuals, an arsenal of fancy pens and pencils to note every bit of info down, and everything else you think might help you start this new semester the right way. Yet, unlike all the attention given to the back-to-school gear to make the most out of your studies, most forget that a good start accounts to nothing if there’s no proper follow up. Meaning, will books, pens, and a fancy backpack to carry the whole set in keep you from getting sick halfway through winter and missing out on that last review session before the midterm exam? Probably not, and that’s why gearing up to keep up the best performance throughout the semester is just as important a step in the whole back to school preparation.


Boost your immune system in a whole natural way this year and make sure you’ll be able to attend class (and show off that backpack of yours) as due. By adding these five essential oils to your medicine cabinet and starting to benefit from the numerous advantages of the aromatherapy as soon as fall arrives, you’ll be ready to face the cold winter without worrying of falling sick. Respectively: lemongrass, thieves, peppermint, lavender, and valor.



Thanks to its detoxifying and antioxidant effects, the essential oil derived from lemongrass is of great help in purifying our body from within, restoring the organism’s natural vitals, and strengthening your immune system to best take on the cold season.

On top of that, its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make it an ideal inhibitor for any bacterial growth in the body, internally as well as externally.



More of a blend than a standalone product, the thieves oil is vastly known for its natural antibacterial properties and the vivid boost to the immune system that comes with it. To prove its effectiveness is the vast usage of such oil in both botanical and alternative medicines. How to spot it other than taking a look at the product label? A spicy and earthy scent will give out its presence amongst the ingredients right away.




The peppermint essential oil is….versatile. Extremely versatile. It’s proven to be effective for headaches, indigestion, bad breath, for clearing respiratory tracts, releasing tight muscles, and the list goes on and on. This essential oil on steroids can be easily combined with others to take advantage of a full spectrum of natural properties.



Let’s think of our sleep as that one phase where our body fully recovers from all hits and bumps endured during the day and strengthens to tackle tomorrow’s tasks. As such, isn’t it just vital to get a better sleep? Spoiler: your teacher won’t buy it as a valid excuse for being late in the morning, though…The lavender essential oil soothes your nerves, releases tension and stress, and helps you get a better sleep to muscle up that immune system of yours and fight flue and the common cold off.



Just like the lavender essential oil, the valor’s essence has the property to effectively make you relax, boost your confidence and bon humeur, and help you achieve a good night’s sleep that’ll make wonders to build up a stronger and more effective immune system.



Several are the ways to best use the essential oils: oral assumption by dropping a few drops in a tea/herbal blend, as a lotion to smoothly massage your skin with, or simply the more common air diffusion (whether this is via the aid of a specific diffuser or not).


Whatever way you decide to go with to fully benefit from the essential oils’ natural properties, turn the aromatherapy into a must-have for your or your kid’s back to school preparation and gear up for a whole new year of success with a little help from Nature itself.



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