Argan Oil's Health Benefits (Not Just for Skin and Hair)

What is the argan oil, why is it called this way, and what should you use it for?  The argan oil is cold-pressed from the kernels of the argan tree (hence its name, and the answer to both questions 1 and 2), a species of thorny trees that grow in the dry regions of Morocco.  Despite being used mostly to drizzle over food amongst the local population, it is widely known for its beneficial properties when it comes to skin and hair care. Masks of argan oil or the oil itself in its liquid form can be applied on the skin to fight the appearance of age spots, minimize scarring and the signs of acne, as well as protect from the sun and cure dermatitis. Applying the argan oil on the hair will be of great help to heal and prevent split ends, protect the follicle beds, and rejuvenate the overall appearance of your hair for a healthier look and feeling.


Yet, there’s way more to what the argan oil can do for your overall health than just what it is known for in terms of hair and skin care.


Care For Your Heart

The argan oil is an all-natural and healthier alternative to most common cooking oils. It’ll help rebalance your cholesterol level by lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the so-called good one, A.K.A. the HDL cholesterol. This’ll minimize the risk of strokes, heart attack, and help you stay fit and healthy by adding a more natural flavor to your cooking.


Anti-Inflammatory Aid

Whether the inflammation is external or internal, the anti-inflammatory properties of the flavonoids contained in the argan oil will help treat the affected area. Use it to massage sore muscles and joints, or add it to your recipes by replacing the traditional cooking oil with it and fight the inflammations internally.


Keep The Cancer Away

The numerous antioxidants the Moroccan argan oil is naturally packed with can influence the number and the behavior of free radicals in the body. Given the role played by free radicals in the occurrence of cancer and other chronic diseases, limiting the amount of these is an important step in preventing cancer in the first place.


Digest Better

The culinary use of argan oil increases the concentration of pepsin amongst the gastric juices and helps you digest faster and better. An improved digestion will provide more energy to the organism, boost weight loss by minimizing body fat, and it will make you feel more comfortable and at ease throughout the day.


Liver Boost

Ever heard of the saying what a liver’s life? I bet you haven’t but it’s important to know that a lifetime of flushing out toxins and handling whatever healthy and unhealthy food we put inside our body is no joke and sure enough your own dog wouldn’t trade his comfy lifestyle for it. By adding a little argan oil to your meals, you’ll improve the overall liver’s health and give it the boost it needs to get the dirty work done day after day.


Best Manicure

Gents, ladies, no matter the gender you belong to, uncured fingernails just look bad and spoil the overall look of the entire hands. The natural anti-bacterial properties of the argan oil will prevent infections, heal wounds and small cuts, and give your fingernails and hands a proper look you won’t be ashamed to shake hands anymore.


What did we get out of this? Well, not only that the argan oil is indeed highly beneficial for both the skin and hair as most already know, but also that its vast variety of applications to improve the overall health makes it a must-have addition to both the cupboard in the kitchen and your beauty products. Give the argan oil a spin and see what a healthier lifestyle tastes like. 




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