Strengthen Your Nails with Jojoba Oil

Shiny long nails are pretty and sexy. We all crave for smooth beautiful nails on which we can apply our favorite nail ideas. However, one of the biggest frustrations are that nails are always growing and become more and more brittle as they get longer. On the contrary, bad and disheveled nails are not only unappealing but also give an impression of bad hygiene habits and even poor health. To keep your nails strong and beautiful, regular nail care is a must. Especially, when the nails are frequently exposed to water or nail enamel removers, a timely nail treatment is essential.


Either for regular care or reparative treatment, jojoba oil is your #1 choice that’s able to effectively replenish moisture to the nails. It has been used for centuries for beauty purposes. With a wax texture that’s closest to human skin oil, jojoba oil offers a wonderful treatment for skin, hair, and nails. As a light oil easily absorbable, it delivers moisturizing and healing benefits of its key ingredients, including a high proportion of vitamin E with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and regenerative properties. Meanwhile, vitamin E is exceptionally beneficial for revitalizing and restoring lost moisture and keratin in the nails. Once absorbed in the nail plate, it retains all the nutrients to make the nail flexible and robust.


Now let’s see how to use jojoba oil on our nails.

1.      Choose high quality jojoba oil that boasts higher grade and no additive. Anjou Jojoba Oil fits in this category perfectly being 100% pure and organic, rich with minerals, vitamins, collagen protein and wax esters. It does more than repair the nails and give them a healthy appearance, but improve the overall nail wellbeing to make it stronger and more resistant to stress.

2.      Clear away any nail lacquer / polish, trim your nails, and wash your hands, dry them.

3.      Rub and massage jojoba oil on cuticle and nail plate for at least 15 minutes to make sure the oil is fully absorbed. Please remember a small amount goes a long way.

4.      Regular application will obtain better results, preferably once or twice a day.

With proper nail care by jojoba oil, your brittle nails will regain its strength, luster, and vitality in no time. To protect against harsh elements, it is recommended to wear gloves when you come in contact with liquid detergents and agents. It’s not rocket science to maintain beautiful long nails, but does need some extra attention.



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