How Aromatherapy Can Relieve Stress at Home

Home sweet home. You ever heard of that? You ever wondered what the real meaning of this expression is? Spoiler: it has nothing to do with Hansel & Gretel and their thing for sugary furniture. The way I see it is that, no matter how far we go, no matter how fun our trips are, it is still kind of a relief when the vacation’s over and we finally go back to wherever it is we call home. It is indeed in the comfort of home that we fully free ourselves. That we let go of all the spoken and unspoken restrictions we obediently stick with throughout the day and get to finally breathe out and relax.

What if, though, relaxing wasn’t simply possible, not even at home? What if that one report due on Monday or the remark our boss barked out about our desk being too messy simply wouldn’t leave us alone? What if we kept thinking about such buggy things over and over, despite being sitting on that one couch that knows our shape by now (yes, Homer, we know how good that feels too!) while watching our favorite TV show?

For those times when stress and tension simply won’t let go and being in the peacefulness of our home environment won’t quite do the trick, exploring all the benefits the aromatherapy is known for might be the right solution to go with.


The aromatherapy itself is the practice of using essential oils extracted from roots, leaves, and basically most parts of the plants to fight stress, relieve tension, and attain a status of physical and physiological well-being.

There’s a huge variety of essential oils out there with all kinds of fancy Zen-ly names. What’s good to know is that, as long as their composition is strictly natural, you won’t go wrong with any of them. Meaning, there’s no harm in trying and experimenting. Yet, apart from choosing the one fragrance you like the most, it’s wise to inquire what benefits one essential oil will provide you over another. They all come with different natural properties and some will be more suitable than others for your specific needs.


But how do we concretely use an essential oil? Should we just twist the cap open and stress and tension will slowly ease? Pretty much. One of the most efficient ways to benefit from the essential oils is actually to inhale their fragrance. To fully take advantage of their tension-relieving properties and maximize their effective, you can use an essential oil diffuser that’ll help you uniformly spread the chosen fragrance in your rooms.


The most advanced diffusers come with a few tricks already built-in, like a sleep mode to turn the buzzing sound down a notch so it won’t keep you up at night, different mist modes and intensities, a timer, pulsing lights, and several smart safeguards to make sure all you have to do is literally turn the switch on and relax.

For those of us who are extremely spoiled (and are lucky enough to have a beloved partner who won’t say no), the natural fluidity of the essential oils makes them an ideal massage lotion that’ll nourish your skin, ease your muscles, and free up your mind breath after breath.

When your comfy furry slippers, the blanket your granny knitted for you when you got a cold in junior high, and even sinking Homer-like in that couch of yours won’t do the trick, give the aromatherapy a try. Fill up your rooms with your fragrance of choice and let its natural properties soothe your mood and rid you of any stress and tension you may have.




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