Be 'Back to School' Ready With this Recipe to Help You Focus

Summer’s about to end and that means a lot of things. Your tanned skin will eventually lose its bronze nuance and fade back to its natural tint. The mosquitoes will stop tormenting you and keeping you up at night as soon as the temperature starts dropping. And (sorry to break it to you, guys) a new school year begins and you’ll all be attending classes just like a few months back.  

Whether that means you’ll be commuting to college every morning, starting a whole new lifestyle made of university classes and seminars, or you, the parents, will be the official chauffeur of your kids for the ride to school and back home, a little help to strengthen your focus and keep it up throughout the year won’t harm you any.  

Hundreds are the old-school remedies to boost concentration and tackle the new school year at full throttle, from going to sleep at a decent hour and fully recover during the night, to a variety of salmon and berries recipes to strengthen your memory and focus.

Yet, have you ever thought of stepping up the game in an all-natural way?  The essential oils, and the aromatherapy in general, are not only to freshen up your room with a nice scent that reminds you of trees, flowers, nature, etc. Every and each essential oil comes with a variety of natural properties of its own and some are just magical when it comes to helping you stay focused and boosting your concentration.


Should you want to give Nature a try and get that extra boost to tackle all classes and seminars while getting the most out of them, check out the following essential oils and feel free to mix them together to maximize their effectiveness.  


Sweet Orange

The natural and undiluted Anjou Orange Essential Oil has you covered from several points of view. It eases stress and tension, improves skin tone, boosts health and the immune system, alleviates digestion problems, and more!

It won’t directly increase your attentiveness level but it’ll help you unwind after a busy day and achieve the kind of peace of mind you need to keep studying without being distracted.


Grapefruit Pink

The grapefruit pink essential oil provides a vast variety of natural properties and benefits. These range from weight loss aid to skin cleansing and hair repairing, just to say a few. On top of that, its delicate fragrance naturally alleviates tension, boosts your mood, and provides you with all the good will you need to open up even the most complicated manuals and get any sense out of them.



Amongst a long series of benefits that’ll improve your overall health if used on a regular basis, the lemongrass goes the extra mile and is the right choice to literally “wake up” in an all-natural way. It provides you with a sensation of freshness that’ll boost your optimism and will get you all the necessary tools to get the job (or the pre-exam cram session) done.



Although it might not be the first choice of everybody when it comes to attentiveness boost and focus enhancement, the citronella essential oil is not only an effective mosquito repellant, but it’ll boost your mood with a fresh scent that’s one of a kind.  No matter what tasks you’re facing, tackling them with a good attitude is likely to be the winning card that’ll get you the most results.



When everything else fails, go with the peppermint essential oil and that most likely will do the trick for you, too. What this one particular oil does is to boost your senses with a cooling sensation that energizes your mind as well as your muscles. Whether it is a more physical form of tiredness that’s weighing you down or you simply cannot seem to focus any longer, give the peppermint essence a spin and feel awake like never before.


A new school year that begins isn’t necessarily something bad. On the contrary, that means you’ll be able to see your schoolmates again or make a few new friends altogether. A new school year equals possibilities, progression, and a valuable chance to get one step closer to your ideal future life. Make the most out of it with the kind of natural boost for both mind and body only the aromatherapy and the essential oils can provide.



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