LIGHTNING DEAL: Anjou Grapefruit Essential Oil

Do you know how many essential oils are there? All in all, individual elements plus compounds, these account to about 120. How does that translate? Well, should you decide (and sadly need) to use one every day, it would take 4 whole months to complete a full cycle. Remember that each of them comes with its own health benefits and this’ll give you an idea of the virtually infinite versatility of the essential oils and the aromatherapy.


Yet, despite the vast variety of the essential oils that cover basically any issue you may be experiencing at a given time, some essential oils do come up more often than others whenever you Google aromatherapy or look up what the fuzz with the essential oils is all about. Amongst these, the grapefruit essential oil is definitely one of the big dogs in the essential oils department. What makes it so special? The grapefruit essential oil is like the Swiss Army knife of the essential oils and its natural properties are beneficial in a vast variety of fields and applications.


Anjou Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Amongst the most known benefits are:

-          Appetite Suppression: this powerful essential oil boosts blood circulation, promotes lymph node drainage, and helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite and making you feel satisfied even if you eat less.

-          Skin Care: the vitamin P deeply cleanses the pores and provides your skin with a more uniform and matte look. It balances oil secretion and conditions the skin’s brightness.

-          Hair Repair: the versatility of the grapefruit essential oil makes it ideal to add to your shampoo for an extra aid in your hair care. It’ll naturally balance the scalp’s oil secretion to promote hair repair and growth.

-          Mood Boost: whether applied to the skin for a soothing massage or spread in the air via a diffuser, the essence of this essential oil will help you let go of tension and bad thoughts, alleviate stress, and boost your overall mood.


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