Ceramic vs. Non-Ceramic Diffusers - What's the Difference?

Aromatherapy, the easiest and most natural form of therapy for enhancing psychological and physical wellbeing, is becoming a daily must for most people. To include it in your beauty and health routine, you need a handy and reliable diffuser, which will not only fill your room with the aroma of the essential oils, but also looks nice and adds style to your home.


There are numerous diffusers and diffusing devices available on the market. So you would ask, how do I choose? Form or function, what matters more? What’s the difference between ceramic and non-ceramic diffusers? Here we will explore and compare the different types of devices that may be used.


“Permeation” – the key to how essential oil diffusers work, is a process that passes and distributes essential oils in the form of little aromatic particles into the air. So what really matters is the essential oil used. Quality pure essential oil enters your body to stimulate your brain and create a high sense of wellness. Anjou makes only the best quality 100% essential oils that freshen the air, heighten your senses, and boost your spirit. Anjou Lavender, Peppermint, and Sweet Orange Essential Oil Kit provides 3 most popular fragrances so that you can mix-and-match and create your own aroma day in day out.


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With the same inside, look is as important. Ceramic diffuser with its refined look, elegant build, and flexible patterns is now in vogue. It can be a piece of artwork even when turned off. Anjou Ceramic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser features all the benefits of an ultrasonic diffuser. Other than that, its ceramic build is as pleasant to look as it is to touch. A textured pattern enhances grip and prevents slipping; combined with the 7 colors LED halo light, it treats the sore eyes as well as a tired soul.  


On the other hand, non-ceramic diffuser is more straightforward in terms of function. Comparatively, it also has a larger misting capacity that can double as a humidifier. Anjou 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser is packed with numerous smart functions, such as up to 8 hours of use, auto shut-off, and timer setting. The transparent cover on a wooden base transmits and reflects 7 LED colors in both bright and dim shade to brighten up your space and can also function as a versatile night light. If you find the light too jolly for the night, you can always turn it off while leaving the mist running. 


For users who are more into tranquil ceramic look and care less about humidifying capability, we recommend ceramic diffusers that are more classy and enjoyable to the eye. And if you wants to purify and humidify the air of a larger room and take in all the benefits of aromatherapy, you can choose a non-ceramic diffuser that covers a larger space, works for longer, and provides stronger misting.



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