Dorm Setup 101: Creating Your Own Quiet Space in Three Easy Steps

With college starting, many of us are returning to dorm life or even starting it for the first time. Living on campus can be met with mixed feelings as we take another step away from childhood and into adult life. One of the most important parts of staying in a dorm is having a safe and comfortable place to sleep; a place for organization and relaxation so you can maximize college success. Here is the 101 on turning your dorm into a blissed out, quiet zone just for you.


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Step 1 – Clean
Imagine returning the morning after a busy day of classes and a crazy night of partying. You will feel dead! Now if you’re looking to have a quiet day to recuperate or even catch up on some readings, you’re going to struggle doing that in messy dorm room. Get in the habit of actively tidying your room and keep everything organized and clean. It takes only 10 minutes a day to organize everything, instead of letting it build up before a once a week tidy binge. The benefits of active cleaning is that your room will always be clean so you can concentrate and relax in peace, rather than relax surrounded by stinky socks.


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Step 2 – Natural Stress Relief
The constant pressure to study and keep up a high GPA can cause even the best of us to feel a little stressed and anxious. Thankfully Anjou Essential Oils can help you find that perfect balance. Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, or lemongrass all have healing properties that can bring relief and alleviate stress. To craft a quiet relaxing environment, use the Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Diffuser with these essential oils for a sense of relaxation. If you’re feeling open minded, you can even pair it with a meditation pillow to sit and enjoy some peace and silence after a busy day of classes.


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Step 3 – Rules and Restrictions
I know you’ve partly come to college to get away from parents and their rules, but having more order and structure in your life will help create a quiet dorm space. With friends coming and going from dorm room to dorm room, it can pretty hard to maintain a sense of quiet with so many disturbances. Set a rule for no guests before or after a certain time. Or if you go out a lot and never get a chance to focus on yourself, you can set a rule that during the week you will be back in the dorm by 10pm to give yourself an hour or two to relax, unwind, and have some me time before sleep. We recommend you look at your lifestyle, find what is stopping you from achieving peace, and then set a rule. It doesn’t have to be a strict rule or something that stops you from having fun, it just needs to be something that gives your life more structure so you have time for peace and quiet.


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