Anjou's Guide to a Natural Home This Fall

Google “home” and you’ll be presented with over 13,270,000,000 results in just about 0.59 seconds. We’re not here to sweet-talk Google for the speed it came up with that many results with (I would’ve gladly waited a few seconds longer if that meant not being presented with Home Depot on top of the list and other sales-craving websites up next). We’re here to point out the deeper meaning that’s attached to the word home.


Home doesn’t only refer to the sub rented duplex you’ve already spent half a year in, or your old man’s house where you grew up as a baby. It does, actually, but at the same time there’s a bunch more to it. By home, more or less consciously, we all mean the place where we feel the most at ease in. That could be a tangible living environment (just like that duplex of yours with all the fun memories you made while living in it), as well as a more vast and general environment, like a hometown, a country, etc. Ever heard your colleagues say “I’m going home for the holidays”?

Whatever environments we call home, these all have something in common: it is at home that we finally get to let go, ease up tension and stress, and relax in a comfort that feels familiar and seems to know us better than anyone else does. Hence, the importance of choosing the right furniture and décor to make our living place even more unique and special to us.


Anjou recommends a few additions to gear up for the upcoming fall and give your home environment a more natural look that’ll help you relax and feel healthier. Respectively: the Anjou Aroma Diffuser, a set of 6 essential oils for the aromatherapy to go with it, and the Anjou bath bomb gift set for a more relaxing bath experience.


Breathe In Peace In Its Purest Form

In a world where smart is the new trend when it comes to technology and we all have smartphones, smart watches, and even smart TVs streaming the latest media content in our living room, it is no surprise that the world of the aromatherapy stepped up its game too.

Forget the old-fashioned aroma sticks that dry up easily and rely on a noiseless essential oil diffuser that doubles as a humidifier for better air that’s easier to breathe. Add a few drops into the water tank and let your favorite scent delicately fill up your rooms. Talking about smart, the humidifier features an integrated low water safeguard so that it’ll turn automatically off when the water’s running low.


The Most Soothing Massage

Want go traditional and enjoy all the benefits of the essential oils directly on your skin? Gear up for the fall season with a set of six essential oils featuring a therapy-grade quality for massages that feel good and make you feel even better. Use the essential oils on their own or dilute them via a vessel oil and experience a whole new meaning to massage and relaxation. This set includes the fragrances of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, and peppermint for a variety of natural properties to choose and benefit from.


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Make Bubbles In Perfect Health

Whether you have rubber ducks floating about or an advance whirlpool tub, taking a good warm bath is second to none when it comes to easing up some tension and soothing your mood. Want to make it ever better? Add up the Anjou bath bombs that feature an all-natural and organic composition to fill up the water with your favorite fragrance and get the best out of what the essential oils have to offer. The gift set comes with 6 bath bombs that provide you with the natural properties of peppermint, sweet orange, lemon, rose, lavender, and citronella respectively.


It doesn’t matter how many results Google keeps popping up, that being 13,270,000,000 or even more. We all have one home and one only. No matter how many times we move out, whether it is for work or to start all over again somewhere else, home will always be that one special place we all go back to when our work day or vacation’s over and all we need is to relax and feel better. Make your home sweet home even sweeter a place with a set of all-natural products to ease up tension and stress, soothe your mood, and feel alive like never before.




Established in 2016, Anjou’s exclusive collection of skincare products and essential oils are all made using preservative-free ingredients from around the world in order to empower users to live more naturally and confidently with 100% natural ingredients.


Pure and Organic: Anjou works closely with specialists around the world to find the perfect location and environment, making sure Anjou products are made from the best stuff on Earth.


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