Anjou Customer Stories: Anjou Shea Butter

Ever heard of Shea butter? If not, I’m pretty sure you’re not getting the most out of your skin and hair care. No typos here: Shea butter is indeed of great help for both deeply moisturizing the hair and healing damaged skin. Yet, where does this miraculous product come from and what makes it so special? Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree (from which it takes its name), that grows in the savannahs of western Africa. Widely known amongst the local population as the fruit of the sacred tree, Shea butter owes it’s effectiveness in treating hair and skin damage to its natural composition. Being a vegetal fatty acid, this nutritious oil is rich of unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids as well as vitamin D, E, and A. What does that mean? Simply put, Shea butter does great when it comes to hydrating skin tissue and hair, locking in the moisture, and further preventing any damage caused by aging and harsh climate.


Are you still on the fence on whether or not this product might suit your needs and lifestyle? Let’s hear out a few our customers that were looking for a whole natural solution to step up both hair and skin care treatments, gave the Anjou Unrefined Shea Butter a spin, and are happily satisfied with it.



For Your Hair

Very pleased

“In its solid state it is a little gritty, but it melts smoothly in your hands almost as soon as you touch it. I've used it as a mask in my hair and as post swim/sun moisturizer. It absorbed quickly and was greasy for a couple minutes, but became unnoticeable after that. Will buy again”.

By J. McGuire on July 16, 2016


100% Pure Shea Butter Your Skin Will Love

“What's not to love about this product it has so many uses […] It also helps seal in the moisture, I've also used it on my hair to calm down the frizzes and on split ends. This is just such a wonderful product, every household should have at least a jar on hand, or maybe two. Thanks again to Anjou for producing another high quality product”.

By Jean L. on July 14, 2016


Just can't get enough of this

“Use it for hair, nails and skin. No heavy smell. a little goes a long way! Will be buying more as everyone in the house now says "where is your brown jar of cream?"

By B C on July 21, 2016


For Your Skin

Excellent versatile product

“Love this product. Started using it right out of the jar […] Easily mixes in the palm of my hand. I live in a high desert climate. My skin has never been so healthy since I moved here. I keep it in the refrigerator as we have been hitting triple digits & I don't want it melting. It's easy to use, is going to last a long time, not oily & stays on the skin to give it an inner glow”.

By Windsoar on July 27, 2016


Incredible product

“This Shea butter is unique and perfect for my skin! It really moisturizes and makes my skin feel refreshed and new! I love that it isn't greasy nor does it smell bad! Easy to apply and only takes a little to cover a lot! So healthy too! I love that I can use it after a shower and it holds the moisture in! I got this at a discount for a honest review”.

By Ashley S. Phillips on July 25, 2016


Is all what I expected

“I warm a small amount in the micro and apply to the skin and notice a smoothness immediately. My husband also uses it on his face and it calms down the redness on his cheeks”.

By KT on August 3, 2016


Try the Shea butter’s moisturizing natural properties for yourself and join the ever growing number of satisfied customers that found in the Anjou Shea Butter that all-in-one solution they were looking for to get the most out of both skin and hair care.



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