Is Vitamin C Serum Damaging Your Skin?

What would you use a vitamin C serum for? What results do you expect to get out of it and what countereffects would you rather avoid? I’m pretty sure you’ve asked yourself these questions several times before clicking that BUY NOW button or punching in the last digit of your credit card pin at the counter. Now thatyou’ve made up your mind and decided to give the natural properties of the vitamin C serum a spin to improve your overall skin tone and quality, are you satisfied with your purchase? Or do you have the impression that the serum is actually backfiring and instead of helping you achieve a better skin it is damaging the tissues application after application. A low-quality vitamin C serum will be actually more harmful than beneficial when it comes to skin care.


What determines the quality of a vitamin C serum? A bunch of factors, actually, but first and foremost it’ll depend of the purity of the ingredients this is made of. The less pure is the serum’s composition, the further the derivatives differ from the original active, the higher is the chance that the serum won’t be of any good to your skin and might actually make it look worse.

A less pure formula might imply a lower absorption rate. This would lead to the serum itself being stuck in the outer layers of the skin and give you a quite displeasing bloated look no makeup will cover up properly.

On top of that, an impure formulation might not be suitable for all types of skin. It might irritate the more sensible ones and you’ll have to call off the whole anti-age treatment until the red spots fade away. Remember: the goal is to achieve a skin that feels better, looks younger, and matches the healthier lifestyle you’ve embraced. Settling down for a lower quality product is like settling down on your own health and that’s not the way to go.


When shopping for a vitamin C serum make sure you get a formula that’s as pure as they come and double-check the origin of the ingredients (where the product itself is made) to verify that there’s nothing fishy about it.


Amongst the best solutions for a younger look that won’t compromise your skin health is the Anjou Vitamin C Serum. This powerful product for all kinds of skin features an all-natural antioxidant formula that’s made in Switzerland and undergoes a series of strict quality controls to always ensure the highest quality. Its innovative airproof packaging provides an easy way to use the serum only when needed so that it won’t undergo any oxidation or lose its effectiveness.


When skin health and your overall look is at stake, there’s no settling whatsoever. Check, double-check, and triple check to make sure you get a certified product that does what’s written on the label and does it well. Look good. Feel better. And let Nature lends you a hand in its purest form.



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