Focus On: Citronella and Sweet Orange Essential Oils

The first in a series of intimate look at Anjou products, we’re proud to present the first in our Focus On series. Giving a unique and in-depth look into what Anjou does best you’ll walk away with a little more knowledge about our products and a little more knowledge about who we are and what we stand for. This entry we will focus on two of our hottest and bestselling Anjou products – Citronella Essential Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Anjou Citronella Essential Oil

Currently on sale for $11.99 until September 15

Our beloved Anjou Citronella Essential Oil is the perfect summer companion for those hot days and warm nights. Citronella stands out from other essential oils by a number of important and unique properties. As summer comes, so do the mosquitoes. Citronella can be used as a natural repellent to ward off these flying nuisances. But citronella doesn’t just repel mosquitoes, it can also be used to fight the main symptoms of athlete’s foot, be used for aromatherapy to relax and relieve stress, and is an essential ingredient for DIY solutions like soaps, body lotions, creams, massage oils, and more.  

Since launch, our Anjou Citronella Essential Oil has been a hit with a solid 4.8 rating out of 5 on Amazon. One reviewer found quickly noticed the effectiveness of citronella when it came to a repellent by saying:

“… [I] decided to try it since I'm one of the lucky ones that mosquitoes tend to prefer and I didn't see a single mosquito around. Citronella Essential Oil by Anjou works wonders to repel mosquitoes and I highly recommend it!”

Another user was even more ecstatic and in brazen terms said that it:

 “…works so freaking well.”


Anjou Sweet Orange Oil Essential Oil

Currently on sale for $5.99 until September 15


The most popular, and dare we say, effective essential oil, is our Anjou Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Offering an intoxicating aroma with a host of health benefits, this essential oil can be found in homes across the country. Use it to lift your mood, to improve digestion and circulation, or to alleviate symptoms of the common cold. Most importantly it can freshen skin by supporting collagen formation, increase blood flow, and better absorb vitamin C – the essentials for looking younger and healthier.

With an impressive 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon, our Anjou Sweet Orange Essential Oil has taken the marketplace by storm. One reviewer, particularly enamored with the benefits had this to say in her 5 star review:

“The smell reminds me of the orange trees that grew on the farm when I was a kid. This is aromatherapy at its best.”

Another five star review stated:

“Waking up in the morning to the scent of fresh Sweet Orange essential oil was a pleasant experience. I felt like I could taste the oranges in my mouth. I felt invigorating, and more ready to take on the day.”

With a glowing recommendation like that, you can do no wrong adding a sweet orange essential oil to your daily morning routine.

Both our essential oils stand out from our competitors, not just for their benefits but a few other and important reasons.


In a world oversaturated with cheap goods or items of questionable quality, Anjou stands out for providing exceptional high quality products. Committed to using 100% natural ingredients, that are FDA/USDA approved, our citronella and sweet orange essential oils (as with all our oils) are a testament to our desire to produce premium quality goods.


Anjou is committed to empowering users to live a more natural lifestyle and part of that commitment is by making their products as accessible as possible. By competitively pricing our products, we stand out by offering an accessible and cheaper alternative than the rest of the competition.


Our Focus On gave a quick look into two of our favorite essential oils – citronella and sweet orange. Both offer a natural solution for better health and happiness. As part this spotlight, we’re offering discounts on both our citronella and sweet orange essential oils. This is a limited offer that we’re doing now until the 15th of September. For natural beauty, better health, and all around improved well-being, choose our citronella and sweet orange essential oils. Choose Anjou.  


Established in 2016, Anjou’s exclusive collection of skincare products and essential oils are all made using preservative-free ingredients from around the world in order to empower users to live more naturally and confidently with 100% natural ingredients.

Pure and Organic: Anjou works closely with specialists around the world to find the perfect location and environment, making sure Anjou products are made from the best stuff on Earth.

Safe and Secure: All Anjou products first undergo a rigorous internal selection process before being sent to the FDA/USDA for official approval. Before shipping, we run a final QC check to make sure everything is in order.

Customer Focused: Every aspect of Anjou and every decision we make, from our product pricing to packaging to after-sales support, is done to keep you, our customer, satisfied.

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