Pregnancy and Aromatherapy -- How to Relieve Stress and Pains

Pregnancy is a miraculous and critical phase for a woman. Besides the expectations and joy, you’ll experience all sorts of sickness, anxiety, and stress. If you are feeling less glow and more pain, you probably need to seek a natural and safe form of relieve. As a practice of essential oil for thousands of years to boost health and overall wellbeing, aromatherapy explores and utilizes the healing power of plants to ease aches and relieve stresses.

Essential oils are typically diluted with a carrier oil for massages, dropped sparingly into a warm bath, or put into a diffuser or vaporizer so the aroma can be diffused and breathed in. However, before starting your aromatherapy session, please note that the use of essential oils during pregnancy is still controversial. Some essential oils may contain chemicals or additives that can be absorbed by your body and further affect your baby. Although there are no records of birth defects or miscarriages from use of aromatherapy during pregnancy, we still recommend use with caution and choose the best quality essential oil during this special time of your life. Also it would be safer if you can wait until you are 3 months pregnant to start your aroma session. Anjou Essential Oils featuring 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade plant oil, contain no fillers, synthetics, additives, or bases. You have altogether 6 flavors for your different needs, to de-stress, relieve, relax, and invigorate your body and mind. Use them with Anjou Ceramic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser to create a house full of refreshed aromas and 7 pleasant color LED lights to combat your mood swings.

Please note that essential oils are very powerful. They work somewhat like medicine once absorbed into the bloodstream. That explains their magic in relieving sickness, soothing nerve, and boosting spirit. It’s important to follow some basic safety precautions and seek medical practitioner when in need. The rules to always abide by are as follows:

  • Never directly apply an essential oil on your body; instead, mix it with a carrier oil at a concentration that’s half the standard usage (or half of what’s recommended on the bottle).
  • Avoid using any one particular oil over a long period of time. Alternate for better and safer results.
  • When using a diffuser with an essential oil, don’t leave it on for more than 10 or 15 minutes per hour, and make sure the room is well ventilated.
  • Use the therapeutic grade essential oils only and read the label before using. Sweet orange, peppermint, lavender, ginger, tea tree and chamomile oils are recommended.     

If you have never used aromatherapy and essential oils during pregnancy, please consult with your healthcare provider prior to use. It’s advisable to start low and go slow. Start with just a couple drops of your best essential oils and diffuse in a large area. If you take it well, you may consider applying essential oils to the skin after diluting or even inhaling them directly.  



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