Anjou Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Clean and Dry in 30s

Wash your brushes in 20 seconds and spin them dry in only 10 seconds for impeccably clean makeup tools in no time

Rechargeable Design


Put the handle back onto the inductive charging stand after use, let it recharge, and save yourself and the environment the battery-waste

Fits Different Sized Brushes

The 7 different silicone collars cover brushes of various sized handles and 2 spinning speeds meet the need of brushes of different sizes, bristle counts, and shapes

Centrifugal Cleanliness

Protect your brushes from deformation, get rid of makeup residue and lint by literally spinning the dirt away, making them longer-lasting

Outstanding Quality

Our products are non-toxic, durable, and come with a 12-month product warranty for extra peace of mind and environmental consciousness