Anjou Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Natural, undiluted, and 100% pure orange oil, Anjou Orange Essential Oil reduces stress, improves skin quality, boosts health and the immune system, alleviates digestion problems, acts as a sanitizer, and more!

Clean up

DIY natural cleaner with sweet orange essential oil for removing stains and marks. Pair with the Anjou Diffuser and a range of other essential oils for a harmonious fragrance you can’t enough of

Chill out

Unwind after a busy day with better regulated cortisol levels so you feel less stressed and more relaxed

Look young

Fight aging and improve skin tone with improved collagen formation and greater vitamin C absorption. Suitable for those with dermatitis, dry, mature, irritated, or acne-prone skin

Stay healthy

Boost your resistance to the flu, colds, illnesses, and infections with the natural way to strengthen your immune system and reinvigorate your lymphatic system